Friday, December 30, 2011

Brrr.... it was cold!

Wednesday morning in Ashbourne was very cold!  We had a walk around the town before stopping for coffee and toasted teacakes at Spencer's bakery and tea shop.

I love looking in all the little shops in the Market Place.  I know I've written several posts about Ashbourne over the years so I hope you don't mind me repeating myself just a little.

Most of the shops in the town were open except the Art Gallery we usually visit for our morning coffee but Spencer's was very good and very busy.

After browsing around some of the bookshops.........

..... we went into the shop below and I treated myself to a new winter hat.  I have to say that hats and I don't get on very well and I always think I look ridiculous in a hat ............

....but I was so glad I'd bought it because as soon as we arrived at Carsington Water I put it on!

The wind was so strong we could hardly stand and taking photos was almost impossible.  The water in the reservoirs was very low for this time of year!

I loved the red of the berries against the soft grey stone wall, such a contrast to the dark glowering sky.

With all my best wishes for a Happy New Year - see you in 2012!

Edited 31st December 2011 - especially for Anne at  'MorningAJ' -  here is the hat!


  1. As Derbyshire born and bred, I love Ashbourne too!
    I know what you mean about hats, my sentiments entirely with yours!

    Carsington...always cold when I've been there, even on a hot day, it must have its' own microclimate!

    Best wishes for 2012 to you too!

    Sandie xx

  2. We really like Ashbourne too, but haven't been for a while.
    I don't often wear hats either. I can never find one that's comfortable.
    Happy New Year Rosie!

  3. A lovely day out. I need to buy a hat too but can't find one that suits me! Happy New Year! x

  4. I love Ashbourne. I had a handbag from that shop. Can we see the hat?

  5. We had a brief visit to Ashbourne a few weeks ago and would love to go back and have a proper look.I bought myself two hats in Paris last week(from a market stall)and i love them.Happy New year to you

  6. Happy New Year Rosie - I too love Ashbourne very much and hats make me look ridiculous. xxxx

  7. Wishing you a Happy New Year x

  8. It looks like a lovely day out! I am fond of a mooch around Ashbourne myself! Have you ever had coffee at chimes? That's our favourite, the drinks are good and it's an nice place, surrounded by clocks with a few antiques for sale downstairs in the cellar.

  9. Didn't realise how I miss pottering around Ashbourne. It must be 5 or 6 years since I ventured to that area. How time flies.'s nearly 2012, can't be!
    All the best for the New Year.

  10. Toasted teacakes! So simple but so delicious. I can't imagine why we can't get them over here. I can't count the number of times I've thought "I could just enjoy a toasted teacake right now".

  11. I will " walk " with You to the same places any time and always !
    Thanks for sharing with Us !
    Best to You in New Year , stay well
    My Dear !

  12. Happy New Year! I was delighted to see that Ashbourne has a bear shop... My house is full of little furry friends, but there's always room for one more!!! All the best, Jx

  13. Ooh I love it there. Years ago since I visited. Thanks for the tour. I bought a hat recently to wear on the school run (grandson aged 7) and am waiting for it to be cold enough to wear it (that's my excuse anyway!) Happy New Year Rosie

  14. Love the front of Elliot's shop! Sorry, it's so cold there -keep warm!
    and wishing you a happy New Year!

  15. Happy New Year Rosie! It sounds as though Ashbourne would be worth visiting if there are plural bookshops! Shall have to investigate later this year. The hat is really nice and looks warm and cosy too. I'm not a hat person either - I love them but mostly they don't love me:)

  16. What a great hat! It would go perfectly with a coat I bought from a similar shop in Loughborough. Time for a trip to Ashbourne I think!

  17. Happy new Year dear...and I love the hat...xoxo

  18. I love that shop :)

    Nice chullah by the way. I have one and it keeps my head toasty.

  19. Lovely village... and lovely photos. I always feel like I stepped into a charming travel guide when I visit your blog!