Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A Festival of Trees

Recently, whilst on the travels I mentioned in my last post, we dropped into Bakewell in Derbyshire where there was a wonderful Christmas Tree Festival in All Saints church.

Luckily it was a bright and sunny morning as we walked up to the church. 

Inside it was warm and welcoming even the church cat was waiting at the door.  It was of course trying to get inside where there were lots of trees to climb.

My camera took lovely photos out in the open but some of my interior shots were dismal.  There were also lots of people inside but I manged to get a few photos and below are some of my favourites.

The tree above was by the bell ringers of All Saints commemorating all the bell ringers lost during the first world war.

 Decorated by Hassop Church Choir

 Christian Aid working to help restore dignity out of poverty.

 Bakewell Visitor Centre

 The Prayer Tree

 Above and below......

... by A J Welldressers

 Above and below Bakewell U3A Craft Group

 Bakewell Alms Houses and Bakewell Town Guild

 Methodist Junior School

 I loved this one, all the details with sugar mice, goose eggs and robins in watering cans by The Georgian Sweet Shop

 Above and below a selection of tree to be found in the sanctuary.

Tiroler Stuberl is an Austrian coffee shop in the town.

The Peak Advertiser and Wee Dram

 Bird Song
 Above the Family History Group, Brides of Bakewell and Bakewell in Bloom.

Just down the road from Bakewell is Haddon Hall where we spent a couple of hours  in the land of fairy tales.  

 I'll take you there in my next post.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Out in the Fresh Air

As promised in my previous post more on our walk at Ilam which was nearly a week ago.  The last week has just flown by.  We've been busy writing and posting cards and parcels with the inevitable queue at the post office and shock as to how much the special Christmas stamps cost.  We've travelled across Derbyshire to visit relatives in Chesterfield and a couple of days later along the busy A50 and A38 to visit relatives in Mansfield.  I find these trips quite tiring now especially coming home in the dark but we did see some lovely festive lights in Alfreton, Matlock, Matlock Bath and Cromford on our travels.

Back to beautiful Ilam. My camera seemed to behave itself this time so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Having said that the area is very inspiring making it hard to take really bad photos.

It was very cold but bright and sunny. 

The courtyard around the visitor centre was looking quite festive.

Very unusual to see no one on the bridge playing pooh sticks.

The river was quite high and the water racing along at quite a pace.  I bet it was freezing.
The tearooms which looked warm and busy through the steamy windows as we walked past.  We didn't go in as we had flasks of coffee in the car.

The church of the Holy Cross in Ilam I can see from the clock that it was a quarter to one when we visited.

We walked past the Youth Hostel which you can see in the photo below and down to the church to see if it was open.

To the right one of the Saxon crosses in the churchyard.

 Another part of a Saxon cross.

In spite of the cold air the door was propped open to welcome all.

We just had a quick peek inside.

The thing I noticed most was the glorious scent of pine and spruce from the sprigs of foliage hanging on each pew end.

Such a festive aroma. 

 A closer look at the Saxon font.

Below are a couple of links to previous posts on the church and village

January 2012 

On our walk we discovered a reindeer trail we easily found Rudolph, Donner and Blitzen also Vixen and Prancer but we didn't find Dancer and Cupid.  It would be no hardship to go back and seek them out.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

A Little bit Festive

After a few days staying at home nursing a cough which turned to a cold and then went back to being a cough I finally went out again on Saturday. I suppose I'm lucky as I haven't had a cold for years it had to be my turn at some point.

We decided to see what the Christmas Market at The World of Wedgwood had to offer.

By noon it was quite lively, there was live music and lots of stalls offering wonderful home made food and crafts.

It was quite cold and breezy but the forecast rain was staying away thank goodness.

Fantasy Wire who are responsible for the fairies at Trentham Gardens and other places too.

Angels at my Window - beautiful glass angels to sparkle in a festive window.

Lovely plants, flowers and door wreaths as well as beeswax candles and jars of honey.

Inside was looking very festive indeed

Shall we take a peek?

All the decorations this year were in the iconic blue and white Jasper ware colours.

Except for this table which seemed to have brought the outside in as everything was coated in a thick covering of 'frost' or perhaps it was snow.
It was all very magical,

very seasonal
with its beautiful, soft and muted coloursAs we left the shop and visitor centre where there were more stalls inside the heavens opened and that predicted rain caught up with us.  It was time to return to the car.

Today we've been walking at Ilam which is one of my favourite places.

 It was sunny but very windy and quite cold down by the river.
After our walk we sat in the car and watched redwings and fieldfares flying over the trees and resting in the bushes behind us.

 I did take a lot more photos of the river and the church but I'll show you those in my next post.

We spotted a few of these around the paths too. 
Time to settle in now and write a few more cards and letters. 

Or perhaps I'll read a few more pages of this book which I started yesterday.  So far I'm enjoying it.