Friday, April 26, 2019

Scavenger Photo Hunt - April

Words for this month's Scavenger Photo Hunt organised by Kate at 'I Live, I Love, I Craft' blog are - Edge, Loaf, Bridge, Mine, Black and My Own Choice

Edge - The Crags Edge Cafe at the Creswell Crags Visitor Centre was quite busy when we had tea and cake in the afternoon there recently.

The Edge Cafe above

Loaf - Freshly baked loaves just out of the oven and cooling on the tray.

Bridge - at the new Visitor Centre at Sherwood Forest a sculpture which shows the fight on the bridge between Robin Hood and Little John.

Mine - the first museum I worked in was in a town in the coal mining area of Nottinghamshire and we had lots of fossils like the one above on display.  This
Lepidodendron fossil which is on display in Mr Bateman's geological gallery at Biddulph Grange is from a tree also known as a scale tree.  They were part of the coal forest flora.

Black - I thought the delicate tracery of the wrought iron in this bowl shaped pulpit which we saw at St Werburgh's church in Derby looked wonderful in the sunlight streaming through the windows.

My Own Choice - I thought these were fun - 'The Red Barrows' in formation outside the shop and reception area at Newark Air Museum. 

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

In Sherwood Forest

Following on from my last post about Clumber Park near Worksop in Nottinghamshire another of our childhood haunts was Sherwood Forest in the village of Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire.

Again things have changed quite a lot over the years.  When we were children the forest was open and accessible we just used to wander in there. My Mum and I would walk there whilst my Dad watched cricket on the nearby pitch. Over the last thirty or so years a Robin Hood Visitor Centre was set up with displays and events around the legend of Robin Hood, Maid Marion et al.  Recently things have changed again as the RSPB have taken over ownership and management of the Forest. The old Vistor Centre has been pulled down and the land around is being returned to its natural state.  A new centre which opened last year has been built closer to the village.

 We went with family members to have a look at the new centre as none of us had visited since the changes.   The building looked quite impressive from the front.
And even more so from the back.  It fits quite well into the landscape on the edge of the village rather than deep in the woods.  You can see the score board on the cricket pitch where all those years ago my step father used to watch and play cricket.  We had a wander around the RSPB shop and then lunch sitting outside the cafe as we had Marlow the dog with us (not ours) before we set out to walk towards the Major Oak.

Just a short walk from the Visitor Centre.

On our way there Paul spotted a Common Lizard crossing the path at great speed.  He managed to get a photo of it resting on a tree at the side of the path.

We also saw a couple of Brimstone butterflies flutter by as we walked.

The Major Oak lay ahead.

Of course the ancient tree is fenced off and shored up for its own protection and that of the visitors too.

When we were children we could walk right up to it and climb inside.   I remember doing that and also going inside another tree further into the forest known as Robin Hood's larder.  Paul has this photo of his brother coming out of the tree.

On the way back to the village I spotted this gentleman.  Is it Robin? Certainly an archer making his way through the forest.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

An Early Morning Walk

Last week we made a long overdue visit to relatives and we decided that now we don't have to dash there and back in a few hours in order to look after Max we would treat ourselves to an overnight stay and visit some of our old childhood haunts as well.  We grew up in the same area and our parents took us to the same places even though we didn't know each other at the time.

Which is the reason we found ourselves early one morning walking in Clumber Park  a Grade1 listed park now owned by the National Trust.

The Chapel was built in the time of the 7th Duke of Newcastle whose family lived on the estate.  Construction started in 1886 and it was opened three years later.  It was designed by G F Bodley. 

The Serpentine Lake

My favourite geese - Greylags

You can see the outline of the old house next to the chapel in front of the stable block.  It was almost destroyed by fire in 1879 and rebuilt.  The house was finally demolished in 1938.

It was very quiet down by the water's edge, there were very few people out and about so early.

We walked towards and over the bridge.

Unfortunately it was vandalised last year and is still being repaired.

It is a beautiful bridge.

 After our walk it was time for tea and toast in the cafe which had just opened at 10a.m.  We sat in comfy chairs beside this fireplace which was decorated ready for the Easter weekend.

After breakfast it was time to move on so there was no time to see the walled garden, the Discovery Centre and inside the chapel.  Maybe we'll go back again.

In my next posts we'll visit Creswell Crags and Sherwood Forest.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

In the Garden

In the garden Spring is beginning to make an appearance.  

Old leaves, stems and twigs have been cleared from on and around the plants.  Lawns have been trimmed and green leaves are beginning to return on trees and bushes.

There is blossom on both plum trees

The Camassias we started off in the green house were planted outside.

The next day the flowers were starting to open

Red Sorrell


Blueberry in the pot and Goosberries in the bed.



Spirea - Bridal Wreath


I love the garden at this time of year.

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Thank You

Just popping by to say thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post, they meant so much to me.  Also thank you too for letters, cards and e-mails we've received over the last week.

Yesterday there was a knock on the door and a staff member from the vet's surgery came with flowers and a card too.  Max was so well known there as he'd been registered with them for twenty two years.  We only had to ring and they'd say Max?  Especially over the last year.

We've been busy in the garden where things are looking blooming I'll be back with a post about that soon and will also get back into the routine of visiting you all again.