Friday, April 15, 2022

A Woodland Walk and New Plants.

 We went out for an early morning walk in the local woods this morning before popping to a nearby garden centre.  Compost and horticultural grit were needed for various jobs around the garden.  We hope to spend time in the garden over the weekend if it stays dry.   The forecast seems to imply that it will.  Fingers crossed.

Hem Heath Woods belongs to the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and is well maintained by volunteers.  In two or three weeks time the forest floor will be covered in bluebells but for now it was a pleasure just to walk under the greening trees and listen to the birds.

After our walk we headed to the garden centre for a cup of coffee before making purchases.  A few plants fell into the basket as well.

Two Courgette plants as both lots of seeds we planted haven't germinated.  The Primulas will add colour near the pond.  The other plant is a Lavender, you can't have too many of those.  This one is called Vera.

At home, in the garden there is quite a bit of white around.

I'd forgotten about the Narcissi bulbs we planted in a pot.  They are delicate and white and have three heads.  Some of the Wood Anemones we bought on-line as small plugs last Autumn have flowered.  The Spirea Bridal Wreath is in full flower as is the Amelanchier.  We have bird feeders close to the Amelanchier and both Long Tailed Tits and Blue Tits sit in it before launching themselves at the fat balls in the feeders and then swooping low over the grass to disappear in the Holly hedge at the top of the garden.  I love to sit in the conservatory and watch them.  Sometimes they are joined by a Robin and a Coal Tit. Dunnocks peck around underneath to pick up the bits that fall to the ground.


 All for now.  

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.




Friday, April 08, 2022

Five Around Trentham Lake and Gardens

After three days of almost constant rain it was good to get out for a walk this morning around the lake and gardens at Trentham.

There were lots of lovely things to see along the way.

1. Water birds - mostly in pairs


Black Swans

Mute Swans

Female Shelduck

Greylag Geese
A pair of Mandarin ducks
2. A Willow Arch

With a willow Peacock

3.  Spring Blossoms and Flowers


Cherry Blossom



Crown Imperial (fritillaria imperialis)

4. A New Fairy

This one is in thanks and honour of 'The Gift of Life' given by donors and their families through organ donations.

5.  A Trail through Wonderland
In search of the White Rabbit

As you can imagine there were a few excited children following the trail.  I expect there will be far more next week when the schools break up for the Easter holidays.
Take Care.