Monday, September 25, 2006

Jane Again

I was in two minds whether to watch yet another adaptation of Jane Eyre last night. But, having walked around the whole of Trentham lake yesterday afternoon and lulled by a tasty evening meal and a lovely hot bath I snuggled down to watch.

I have great attachments to the book having studied it at school for GCE (as they were then) and because after that my education went down the unconventional route of A levels at night school and a degree with the Open University I found myself studying the book three times. So you might say that I know the work inside out, back to front and upside down.

I did find that they ‘hurried’ the early childhood stages along just a little too quickly and anyone not knowing the story could have been slightly confused, especially the Helen Burns friendship and her influence on Jane, but apart from that it was ravishing. Not having to concentrate on the plot I found myself gazing in awe at the familiar scenery and settings in the background. Places I have been familiar with for most of my life. Bolsover Castle, the setting for Lowood School, was just 3 miles from the village I lived in for many years. Ilam Church is just half an hour away by car from where we live now, and what can you say about Haddon Hall, the setting for Thornfield? I have happy memories of the twice I have visited it and we often pass it by on our way to Rowsley to buy flour at the mill. I feel another visit coming on but I guess it may have to be next season.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wollerton Old Hall Garden

Last week we visited one of my favourite local gardens. We sat outside in the afternoon sun taking in the hot, lush, late summer colours.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Spit the Cat

Well, I think Spit may have used up quite a few of her nine lives, mostly in the last few months but hopefully she has one or two left yet.

When she first appeared in my neighbours' garden she would hide under the hedge and hiss and spit at anything that moved - hence her name - including my neighbours' cats and dogs, our cats, other people’s cats and the foxes that visit at dusk. Each evening they left food out for her until she eventually started to come to ask for it and then, when last winter was at its coldest she started to go into the house; after a while, she stayed.

Earlier this year they noticed that she had something wrong with her eye. Several trips were made to the vet but it gradually got worse and the swelling bigger. In early summer she had and operation to remove the growth from her eye which entailed removing the eye as well. Prognosis was fair but the growth had been malignant and the vet couldn’t tell whether or not the tumour had spread.

Spit was fine all summer and she seemed to be recovering well until this weekend when she began to act strangely and hide in unusual places and start back from food; although she wanted to eat and drink she couldn’t. My neighbours began to fear the worst, that the tumour had spread; but yesterday after a visit to the vet all seemed to be revealed. Apparently she has an infection in her throat and gums and needs teeth removing. Whilst she has this treatment they will also check the roof of her mouth and take blood tests but it seems, thank goodness, that little Spit will live to fight another day.

Monday, September 11, 2006

How Time Flies

Just realised that it's ages since I posted on here. Since the last entry, I've had a birthday and also managed to get back into Wales for the annual 'get-together' with former colleagues, now friends, from the Museum we all used to work at. This should have taken place in April but P's son had to go into hospital. We had a lovely time because we always stay at Maesyfed B&B which also has a Victorian Shop Museum and an arts and crafts gallery.

For my birthday I had flowers, perfume, a book '1599 - A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare' by James Shapiro, a CD - American Idiot by Green Day and a key cabinet in the shape of a three story house which is the exact same colour as the kitchen walls and looks as if it has always been there. I don't know what this assortment of items says about either me or my friends and family - but I'm enjoying them all.

Just had a long power cut which left washing sloshing about in rather grey soapy water in the machine for ages now have to go to the vets with my next door neighbour - and her cat, Spit - (long story), I'm very afraid it may be bad news, so I think she needs some support. I need to go and cuddle my cats first.