Monday, November 29, 2021


Well, it had to happen at some point so now is as good a time as any.  Not for the places that had organised events though, things like Christmas lights 'switch ons' and outdoor festive markets.  Many things around here were cancelled and lots of homes up in the Moorlands lost power.  This morning the school behind our hedge and through the trees is silent, no early morning lights in the windows.

We stayed at home over the weekend.  On Friday Storm Arwen battered the trees and garden but nothing was damaged thank goodness.  On Saturday we woke to that blanket of silence and lighter windows that brings the awareness of snow outside.  The pond is still frozen over and we have been putting out extra food for the birds, badgers and foxes.

 The path to the pond was also covered in ice.

Collard Doves

A Chaffinch and a Dunnock

Robin - all the bird photos were taken through windows.

 Above and below morning light.

The sky was tinged with pink.

Seat covered in snow.

Squirrel footprints.
Icy Heather.

Icicle on the greenhouse.
All for now.  Stay safe and warm.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Saturday's Walk

Shall we take a walk?

It sounds like a good idea whilst the weather is still quite warm for this time of year but before we go I have to mention that I'm having trouble leaving comments on some of your blogs.  This has been happening for a couple of weeks now.  When I click in the box to make a comment on your posts the cursor doesn't appear, what I call a 'dead click.'  On some blogs I've been able to make comments again after a few days but others I still can't comment at all. So apologies, I have been visiting and reading, hopefully things will resolve themselves soon.

Right, lets go for that walk.  We're at Ilam Park in the Peak District which is just over the hill from the more popular and sometimes very crowded Dovedale.

I've taken you here quite a few times over the years so I'll let the photos do most of the talking.

One of my favourite views from Ilam Hall (now a Youth Hostel) towards the church of the Holy Cross.

Above the distinctive flat top of Thorpe Cloud. Below a few photos of parts of the Hall.


It was built for Jesse Watts-Russell in 1821.  It replaced an earlier 16th century building.

 Above the Pepperpot Tower and below St Bertram's Bridge.  St Bertram's tomb is in the church.  The bridge crosses the River Manifold.

There was a buzzard soaring overhead as we walked.  It was being harassed by crows.

The paths were strewn with crunchy leaves.
A view of the hall from the bridge.
The River Manifold. 

Two Saxon Crosses in the churchyard.
Another Saxon Cross known as the Battle Stone along the path by the river.

These two sheep made me smile.
All for now.  Take care.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

A Morning Walk

As we walked around the lake this morning  the weather was warm and damp.  At the start of the walk there were  gentle spots of rain in the air,  By the end of the walk this had turned into a more persistent drizzle.  At eleven o'clock we sat quietly by the lake for just a few minutes to remember and say thank you.

Below are some highlights from the walk. 

Autumn was certainly in the air.
We stopped at the cafe halfway round the lake for a coffee.

We are back home now and dried off.  There is an online chat with friends to look forward to this afternoon and then 'flu jabs tomorrow!
All for now. Take care.

In the garden

The garden bench you saw in my last post has been rubbed down, undercoated and then given two top coats of paint.   It's looking fresh and new and ready for sitting on in the middle of the wild flower meadow next Spring and Summer.

We carried it round from the garage, where it had been painted, on Monday.

Almost immediately it became part of the garden again.  It's a very pale grey, perhaps too pale?  We'll see! It may get changed at some point.  Although surrounded (we hope😊) by wild flowers and grasses it will probably look fine.

The first visitor to use it was the Robin who sings cheerfully from a tree at the top of the garden.  I think he or she approves.
Take care.