Thursday, June 23, 2022


 The grass in the parts of the garden we are leaving unmown is getting quite tall.

It was interesting to see how many different varieties there were.

I picked a blade of each different grass.
Paul knew quite a few of the different grasses from when he used to take students on Biology field trips. Others we found in a reference book

We found Rye Grass, Oatgrass, Yorkshire fog, wavy hair grass, agrostis, fox tail, cat's tail and common oat grass.

Also in the garden we have some lovely produce and flowers to bring indoors.
The sweetpeas have been wonderful this year and after a slow start both strawberries and tomatoes are now ripening.
All for now.  Take care.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Meadow Flowers

Yesterday we took a short walk in the meadow at RSPB Coombes Valley.  The sun was warm on our backs, the birds sang as we made our way along the designated path.  Little black moths flittered around the grasses and bees were buzzing around the flowers.  It was a delightful half an hour.

I'm not very good at identifying all the different wildflowers but together they looked wonderful. 

Below are some of the flowers in the meadow.  I think I've identified them but I know there are people out there who know more than me so please tell me if I am wrong.
Oxeye Daisy.  It has lots of names like Dog Daisy, Moon Daisy and Moon Penny.

Butterfly Orchid

Common Spotted Orchid

Butterfly Orchid

Ribwort Plantain

Birds Foot Trefoil also known as eggs and bacon or fingers and thumb.

Red Clover

One of the little black moths, I'd like to know what they are called.

The meadow is called Valley View.
 All for now.  Take care.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Having a go

Dipping my toes in the water of blogging again.  My breathing seems to be getting slightly better after a down turn last week.  The daily blood thinning injections seem finally to have begun clearing the blood clots in my lungs.  It has seemed a struggle at times but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I've been reading and enjoying your blog posts which have taken me to many wonderful places including Herefordshire, the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Skye as well as many other places of interest.  You will no doubt recognise yourself from these places.  I've also seen inside some lovely gardens too.

Our garden here has been a Godsend whilst I've been unable to travel far.   I've added some photos of flowers below.  I will get back to commenting on your blogs again very soon.  

Unfortunately there are a couple of blogs I still can't leave a comment on.  I've no idea why.

All for now.  Take Care.