Sunday, October 31, 2021

On All Hallows' Eve

 Not much to report really, it's a cold, wet and miserable day. Thank goodness I took the photo below yesterday when there was an hour or two of sunshine in the afternoon.

The leaves that had been clinging desperately to its branches are falling off the Tulip Tree quite quickly now, blowing here and there across the garden.  

Whirling upwards from the lawn occasionally in a wind driven flurry of activity.  Scattering across the flower beds and catching into the hedges.

They are laying in the water in the bird baths and covering the pond which is near to overflowing.

They will have to stay there until it is dry enough and calm enough to go outside and rake them up.

Tonight we will place a tea light in the pumpkin and settle down.  Last night there were fireworks cracking and fizzing long into the night causing dogs to bark around the Crescent, there will most likely be more this evening. I worry for cats and dogs and the foxes and badgers at this time of year.  Squirrels and hedgehogs too. 

I expect this will be the second year without 'trick or treat' knocks at the door not only because of the ongoing presence of the virus but also because of the stormy weather.  The wind is strong,  plant pots, wheelie bins and a water butt have blown across the garden and even more of those leaves have said farewell to the tree.

Take care everyone

Friday, October 29, 2021

Fungi Five

 So many different varieties of fungi on Wednesday morning's walk, I think there are definitely five different types below.

So many seasonal delights around at the moment. 

All I have to do now is try and identify some of them.  I think there are some kinds of honey fungus, antler fungus and parasol fungus there.

Perhaps the fairy knows.

Monday, October 25, 2021

A Monday Miscellany

 This and that from the last few days mostly in photos as I don't have words, they seem to have left me for the moment. 

 Below - a few photos from a visit to the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust's headquarters at Wolseley Bridge.

At the Garden Centre next door there were pumpkins galore.

A couple of days later we popped up to the Emma Bridgewater factory for morning coffee.  There were lots of pumpkins there too in the courtyard and garden.

Meanwhile back home in the garden.  Winter violas and berries are adding colour here and there.

Also spotted in the garden

Some knocked over by foxes or badgers as they were growing in what we call the fox run at the back of the raised beds.
The huge bite out of the red cabbage is definitely down to a badger.  We've now harvested all the cabbages and distributed them to neighbours.  We will pickle some later too.

All for now.  Take care everyone.


Friday, October 15, 2021

A Friday Five

 A Friday Five from Trentham Gardens.  We've walked there twice in the last week and I've included photos from both visits as different things are spotted each time.  On both days it was calm and slightly sunny.  

The second visit was a day when loads of birds were in the air.  As we walked skeins of geese were flying over the lake making a cacophony of sound.  Swans were taking off with a great deal of flapping and clapping of wings and cormorants were fishing and then settling on logs to open and dry their wings.  So first up are -

1.  Waterbirds and Waders 

The black swans practising their ballet movements.

Greylag geese, always my favourites, with a coot trying to get in the photo.

Cormorants - there were loads of them up in the trees as well as on the water. There is a heron on the far bank.

A fine looking heron at the end of the lake, preening and watching the world go by.

Cygnets on the River Trent.
We also saw a Little Egret across the lake on the heronry island but it was very shy.  Later, across the lake, we saw a tree with at least half a dozen of them amongst the branches. 

2. Fungi

Lots of different ones including boletus, inkcap and bracket fungus.  I haven't seen any Fly Agaric this year.

3. Events 

The circus is in town, well in the gardens, for its 'Spooktacular' performances.

The Big Top looked cheerful in the morning sunshine.

Not sure what their 'spooktacular' displays will include.  Ghostly acrobats and ghoulish clowns perhaps?

For children there is the 'Room on the Broom' trail.
We didn't follow the trail but came across one or two parts of it along the way.

It ends with brooms you can sit on and a 'selfie' spot for photographs.

The 'Pods and Picnic' area was seasonally decorated.

They looked as if they were awaiting lunchtime visitors.

4. Rivers of Grass

Piet Oudolf's creation 'Rivers of Grass' which is at the side of the formal Italian gardens is still looking good.

It blends in well and looked wonderful in the bright sunlight.

5. Other seasonal things spotted.
All for now.  Have a lovely weekend and take care.