Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hot Hot Hot

It's really too hot to be writing this. We have just spent the day picking black-currants and gooseberries from the garden. If we leave them any longer they will just rot on the bushes but of course we now have to make jam and cordial and that means heat in the kitchen.

The thermometer on the car hit 32 degrees yesterday as we drove back from Alderley Edge so last night we sat in the garden until very late and watched the bats flitting around the trees, the cats were mooching around the garden until late too. When I came downstairs at just after 3a.m. one of them was still out. I just couldn't sleep in the heat so tossed and turned for another couple of hours and then got up just in time to catch one of the cats who had a frog cornered on the patio. P managed to catch the frog and put in on a lily leaf in the pond, it was shocked but soon shot off to safety.

Here are a few pics taken around the garden.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Three Puzzling Things

There are three things puzzling me. You can no doubt tell I haven’t got anything of great importance to distract me at the moment and in the wide scheme of things they are, in fact, probably totally trivial but I have to ask:-

1) Why do people walk down the middle of the road when there are perfectly good pavements on either side?

2) Why do people (when they are actually using the pavement) charge up behind you, desperate to overtake, then pass you, only to turn straight in front of you so that they can go into a shop?

3) Why do people not drop into single file anymore on narrow paths and pavements?

Just don’t get me started on the selfish, dirty people who think it is ok to drop litter.

Apart from that – it’s a wonderful day.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Saturday in Shrewsbury

The orange walls and bright blue pillars of the coffee bar seemed cool and inviting as we entered. Sipping our coffee and admiring the pictures on the walls we planned our day. As we didn’t particularly want to look around the shops we decided to wander down to the riverside and walk along the pathway leading to the park. We meandered up past the castle, down St Mary’s Street and into Dogpole, pausing occasionally to gaze in shop windows, and along Wyle Cop to the English Bridge. We turned right before the bridge on to Marine Terrace and down onto the riverside path.

There were quite a few others either walking or cycling, the pit- pat of tennis balls could be heard from the tennis courts and members of the rowing club were getting ready to row along the river. The sound of their excited, nervous chatter drifting over from the opposite bank. Once in the park we wandered up to the Dingle and then across to St Chad’s Church, which by this time was looking cool, classical and inviting.

As we approached the entrance I could hear music. We poked our heads around the door and the ladies on duty beckoned us to enter. We tiptoed into the circular nave and slipped into pews at the back in order to watch the orchestra rehearsing for that night’s performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. All the instruments being used were of the period so there was much stopping and starting for the woodwind to ‘empty’ their instruments. The conductor was fascinating to watch as he chatted, shouted, cajoled and praised the ensemble into a wonderful performance. I guess the singers were to rehearse later in the day. Whoever had tickets for that evening was in for a treat.

Back in the town we picked up sandwiches and drinks from M&S and headed out to have a picnic and a wander around the cool, quiet ruins of Haughmond Abbey.