Friday, April 08, 2022

Five Around Trentham Lake and Gardens

After three days of almost constant rain it was good to get out for a walk this morning around the lake and gardens at Trentham.

There were lots of lovely things to see along the way.

1. Water birds - mostly in pairs


Black Swans

Mute Swans

Female Shelduck

Greylag Geese
A pair of Mandarin ducks
2. A Willow Arch

With a willow Peacock

3.  Spring Blossoms and Flowers


Cherry Blossom



Crown Imperial (fritillaria imperialis)

4. A New Fairy

This one is in thanks and honour of 'The Gift of Life' given by donors and their families through organ donations.

5.  A Trail through Wonderland
In search of the White Rabbit

As you can imagine there were a few excited children following the trail.  I expect there will be far more next week when the schools break up for the Easter holidays.
Take Care.




  1. So glad the rain stopped long enough for you to get out Rosie. Lovely to see all the flowers and the Willow Arch with peacock is wonderful. A lovely idea to have the fairies there and I would like to go on that Wonderland Trail :) Take care and have a good weekend.

    1. Thank you RR, the Peacock had a sheen of colour in it which was hard to capture on the camera. Every so often a new fairy appears this one for a special cause. The trail is a great idea and everyone was enjoying it. Have a good weekend:)

  2. Oh what a plethora of beautiful photos. Our black swans I see and did you notice that the geese are trying to stay in step with each other? Spring has definitely arrived over there & those hyacinths are lovely in their pot. The trail will be popular with the kids and all our states school holidays are actually at the same time this year, as they are usually a week or so different either way. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the weekend, take care & hugs.

    1. Thank you Susan. The geese also entered the water at the same time in the same way, great to watch their coordination. There are four black swans and each pair has a nest, hope there are some cygnets later. Take Care:)

  3. That was a great walk to blow away the cobwebs, so many different birds and flowers to enjoy. Don't those hyacinths look fantastic in that pot. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thank you CK, I loved the pots of Spring flowers and the Hyacinths were so beautiful. The lakeside was alive with bird song too. Happy weekend:)

  4. You went on an enjoyable walk with many different waterbirds to see as well as the beautiful blossom and Spring flowers. Those hyacinths in a pot are an amazing colour. The nature trail with an Alice in Wonderland theme will engage the children during the Easter holiday. Wishing you a good weekend.

    1. Thank you Linda, it was a lovely walk with so many different things to see. The Wonderland themed trail will be very popular over the holidays. Have a good weekend:)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you William, it is a lovely place to spend a morning:)

  6. It already looks like spring is well on the way in your photos and I'm sure it's taking shape nicely now as the warmer weather is returning. It's difficult to go anywhere over Easter weekend without getting muddled up in an egg hunt!

    1. Yes, it is getting warmer and does feel more spring like at times usually between the rain showers. We try not to go anywhere where there may be events over the Easter weekend, just local walks. Hopefully, it will dry up enough to spend time in the garden:)