Sunday, December 04, 2011

Just a small part of the whole

Or scenes from a Saturday in Lichfield.

  I was thinking about a theme for this post and decided to take a detail from each photo and then show both.  So here are just the small parts of the whole........

A carved statue

on the front of the Cathedral

An interesting window

on Dr Johnson's Birthplace Museum

A festive wreath

on a shop front in Tudor Row

The head of a camel

 outside a shop on Dam Street

A business sign over a shop front

 down Quonians Lane

This one was in the detail - I forgot about the whole!


  1. This is such a great idea Rosie! I enjoyed seeing a small part of the whole and then the bigger picture. I am often accused of not being able to see the wood for the trees!!! x

  2. I love Lichfield! I've not been for a while and really must have a day out there soon.

  3. Guess what - never been to Lichfield! Its on the list for Springtime though now! It looks lovely. xxxxx

  4. I've never been to Lichfield either. It looks well worth a visit. Wonderful photos Rosie!

  5. A few years ago we went to Lichfield Cathedral to see and hear the King's Singers perform. A wonderful evening.

  6. I must get to Birthplace Books one day

  7. It's years since I last visited Lichfield. Having seen your pics I'm determined to drive over again soon!

  8. A really original idea and I must say that Lichfield looks a nice place, I've never been there - this country seems to be full of lovely places that I've never visited!

  9. Hello Rosie. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comments. Love Lichfield and fortunately it's only a 10 min trip on train. We were married there just over a year ago (2nd time marriage for both of us). Love what I've seen of your blog so far, will have a proper look soon as you have so much to tempt me!! I will now start following you. Suzy x

  10. Now read The Road to Lichfield by Penelope Lively!
    Margaret P

  11. Many thanks everyone for your kind comments and welcome to my new followers Jan @ Stand and Stare and Suzy @ Rustic Vintage Country.

    Margaret, I've read several books by Penelope Lively and enjoyed her writing I haven't yet been able to find that one at the library or a second hand book shop, I'll continue to look:)

  12. Fab idea indeed! This new village looks very pretty too!