Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - December 2011

A Christmas Alphabet
A - D

Angel, Berries, Cards, Dickens
E - H

Envelopes, Father Christmas, Gingerbread Men, Holly
I - L

Ivy, Joyful Music, Kings (carols from), Lights

M - P

Mistletoe, Nativity, Oranges, Poinsettia

Q - T

Quality Street, Reindeer, Stocking, Tree

U - X

Unwrapped presents, Vegetarian Christmas, Wreath, Xmas Reading

Y and Z

Yule Log,  ZZZ....wake me up when it's over!
Thanks as always to Kathy at Postcards from the P.P. for coming up with the monthly challenges.  Here is a link to some of the other participating blogs.  Haven't we all had great fun this year?  Most of my photos were taken around home except two or three taken at Little Moreton Hall and a few at a local garden centre which is where I met Dancer or is it Prancer?  I cheated and used a photo I took in Cambridge a couple of years ago for 'Carols from Kings'.


  1. Well done Rosie, a great set of photos! I've just been working on a draft version of my scavenger post, but I have another post I want to write and publish first so my scavenger photos will have to wait until Friday / Saturday!

    I almost used Dickens for D too, but then found an alternative. The only photo I still have to take is something for J, I'm a bit stuck but I'll figure something out!

    I noticed you're reading 'The magic of christmas' - is it any good? I almost picked it up in the supermarket a few weeks ago as light reading but picked something else instead.

  2. You did well Rosie!!! Maybe next year I will be able to participate again. x

  3. Well done, you've some great photos.
    I'm still working on mine.

  4. Now, this is very nice take on alpfabet, great pics ! Super idea !
    I love it !

  5. Oh, all the things I love most in the world!!
    I received a set of Dickens for Christmas!!

  6. What a lovely way to sum-up December Rosie.


  7. Brilliant set of photos Rosie - what is that book with the unwrapped presents that says 'Country' on it? It looks as though it might be my kind of book:)

  8. Congratulations on your Q!!! Everyone else has had the Queen so far. I love your real live reindeer too!
    Love Kathy xxx

  9. Some good ideas there :) Especially the Dickens for D :) As Kathy says nice to see something different for Q - I am expecting to see either those or Her Maj on most blogs - be surprised if there's anything else different!!

    Like the look of your pile of festive reading too :)

  10. Lovely! The images would make great Christmas cards.

  11. G'Day Rosie,
    Good onya, an ace job!
    The cat is very cute, my son asks me for a cat nearly every second day.
    Cheers for 2012 - Happy New Year!
    May God bless you richly.

  12. I love how you made the collages with your beautiful photos!

  13. Your Christmas selection is really cool!
    Happy New Year Rosie!
    Michela x

  14. I love the real reindeer - bet you are the only person that has a pic of a real one. And the Quality Street was a great idea - I used to always so look forward to the big tin of that at Xmas!
    Happy New Year

  15. Great photos!
    I love everyone's different take on things - can't believe I didn't think of Dickens despite hours of TV viewing!
    Have a happy new year,

  16. Well done, this is a great set of photos. the reindeer one is lovely.

  17. Loved looking at your wonderful selection of photos :)

  18. Love your little mosaics - I had planned to do mine like that but ran out of enthusiasm!

  19. Love your photos - this scavenger hunt business has been great fun for 2011 - here's to next year's.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  20. This is lovely, Rosie! Sorry I didn't get here in time for the Christmas holidays... but hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

  21. I love the things you’ve all put together, Rosie! :) The V entry – vegetarian Christmas – was so witty and creative. But wasn’t to extract creativity one of the major goals of this activity? Can’t wait to have my own photos for this season. ;)

    Rosalinda ^.^