Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I'm heading away from the coast for a while to take you to Shaftesbury.  We stayed in a lovely 'eco house' BandB near here.  It was a fairly new timber framed house in the small village of Ludwell.  Only a short walk away was a lovely village pub where we had a gorgeous evening meal.  Paul had the chef's Fish Pie and I had goat's cheese, almond and sun-blushed tomato risotto both were very tasty and left no room for a pudding.

We were certainly ready for food as we'd expended a lot of energy here

walking down

and then back up

Gold Hill - famous for the 1973 Hovis advert, of course!  The volunteer warden of the church at the top told us that everyone he spoke to after they'd visited Gold Hill always thought that it was in Yorkshire!

A thatched cottage at the bottom of the hill

Sun and Moon Cottage at the top was a priest's house

There were lovely views over Blackmore Vale from the Abbey gardens.

We'll be back to the coast for the next post at one of my very favourite places - Lyme Regis!


  1. It looks like such a lovely place. I would be a priest just to live at that cottage!!!

  2. The thatched roofs are definitely something I've never seen except in pictures. This is such a lovely place...it looks like a storybook land!

  3. Certainly on my list! Love the sound of your meal. I think we may do Dorset next year. Many thanks for your kind words on my blog today - much needed. xxxx

  4. What a lovely place.Must pit it on my "to visit" list.I love to see your photos.

  5. Beautiful pictures, bet you needed some refreshment after walking up and down that hill! Look forward to hearing about Lyme Regis, it's one of my favourite places.

  6. I love the angles of the houses on the hill! Wow, and you had a blog make over, including your profile pic - very prety,)or as they say in the UK "lovely":)