Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Fruits of Autumn

Some of the lovely hips, hawes, sloes, brambles and berries we saw on our walk this morning

Aren't they all such wonderful, rich and glossy colours?

We went on one of our favourite walks this morning at Consall Nature Park.  We follow the white route through the woods as it climbs up and up through the trees

 It was quite cool this morning but it wasn't long before the sun began to filter through the trees

 My knees were beginning to protest as we climbed  higher and higher to find our favourite seat

 Which has the most spectacular view across the valley

After a short rest and a cup of coffee from the flask it was times to descend via the purple route down over the river and railway line to the canal.

 As we walked along the canal the steam train from the Churnet Valley railway passed us by

 After a further walk up a country lane we re-joined the white route and wandered past the fishing lakes
 on our way back to the car.

We'd been walking for about two and half hours but it didn't seem like it; time passes quickly when you are having fun!


  1. Wonderful views Rosie. It looks a bit chilly there. I bet you were pleased to have your flask of hot coffee with you!

  2. Lovely photos, and they make me want to get out and find a trail to hike! Looks like a bad day for kayaking, so I may just do that. Thanks for the inspiration. Also, I love the new blog look! I think I meant to mention it before, but don't think I actually typed it.

  3. A proper lovely Sunday walk. There is a real nip in the air isnt there. talking of Sunday schools, did you have to ever sell "Sunny Smiles"? I too remember the stamp books that you collected - I think that they determined your "prize" (always a book)at the end of the year on the Anniversary. xxx

  4. Thanks for taking us with you on your walk today. There's a noticable change in the air this weekend. Much cooler!
    Love Kathy xxx

  5. That was a lovely walk... thank you!

  6. You can see the trees are just turning in your photos, Autumn is such a good time for a countryy walk!

  7. What a fabulous place to go for a walk.I love the colour of Autumn. :)

  8. What a beautiful walk, I can see why it's one of your favourites.

  9. Lovely to see a new name on my followers over at -
    thanks for joining and commenting.
    I love your cats, your choice of reading has given me several ideas for new books - for my other half mainly - and your walk was delightful, only wish I could manage half an hour!
    Your blog looks lovely... count me in!

  10. This sounds a lovely walk, the rosehips and haws are good this year but the elderberrys and sloes are less prolific than last year as are the blackberries round here. Lots of small ones but not so many of the large juicy ones.

  11. A perfect place for an early autumn walk Rosie and look at those berries! I love the way you have put the collage together.

    I enjoyed reading about your trips to Lyme and Shaftesbury - both places we haven't visited for a good few years so it was nice to be a pocket traveller along the way!


  12. Such a beautiful walk Rosie and I love your photos of the berries, which are such a heart-warming sight. It makes me long to go out and pick some and make a crumble, though I've never seen blackberries growing wild here.

    Marie x

  13. Lovely peaceful images, a wonderful season for a walk.

  14. I do so enjoy "accompanying" you on your walks! The berries really are a feast for the eyes, aren't they?

  15. my how lovely... feel like I've taken a stroll in the countryside....good for the brain as well as the butt!!

  16. Thanks for your visit!

    What a wonderful place for a walk! Did you collect any sloes? I wanted to go out last Wednesday but it was too wet. At this rate, there'll be no sloe gin for Christmas!

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