Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to Day One

After telling you about the last day of our holiday first, I'll now take you back to the beginning.   We set out about 8a.m. and drove through Stone, Eccleshall and down through Telford and  Bridgnorth, stopping for breakfast on the way to Kidderminster.  We  joined the M5 as far as Weston-Super-Mare which was our first real stop and leg stretch.  I wasn't sure what to expect as I'd never been before but was pleasantly surprised.

There was a lot of work going on along the front and of course, around the pier, which was being rebuilt after being destroyed by fire in 2008.

Weston has everything that you would expect a seaside town to have like a big wheel

vast beaches to walk along

a place of entertainment and a retreat from windy weather

and donkeys,  the real ones above and another kind as seen below....

we found the one above in the entrance to a coffee shop and the one below....

in the Museum.  I'm guessing that there would be more around the town but these were the only two we spotted.

It was time to move on to find our accommodation for the night - the next couple of days we spent exploring the Somerset coast from Watchett to Porlock and beyond.  I'll be back with more in the next post.


  1. I've been to Weston a few times - it's got the best sand for building castles and a great Sea Zoo..... it's a typical British seaside town.
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. I am just catching up now, I see you have been off on another jolly! Good for you.

    I thought of you the other day when we went to Formby and the beach. No red squirrels but the walk was lovely. I was surprised at how affluent Formby is, very "Footballers wives", a bit like Knutsford by the sea.

  3. I look forward to the next post!

    Dave and I went to Weston about a week after the pier fire as we were staying in Cheddar for a week and took a day trip there to visit the seaquarium, see some sandcastle sculptures and look at what was left of the pier!

    I'm glad to see the pier being rebuilt! While we were South in 2008 Bath was full of pigs sponsored and painted by many local companies and places all over the city, even in the Roman baths! It's an annual tradition there I believe. I wonder if the deers were for a similar type of event.

  4. Ive stayed in Weston Super Mare after a wedding once and didnt get chance to have a good look around. I always imagine it to be very British seasidey. Looking forward to Watchet and Porlock - gorgeous places. xx

  5. I stayed in Weston for one night many years ago. My memories of it aren't too good due to the 'dodgy' guest house I found myself in!!!

  6. Kathy - it looks like we must return to see the sea zoo:)

    Valerie - yes the areas around there are quite 'posh' - well I noticed a Waitrose, that's always a sign of an affluent area - sorry no squirrels this time:)

    Louise - the pier should have been finished by now but it is still closed and work going on but at least it is being rebuilt. I expect there were more donkeys - much like the rhinos in Chester:)

    Diane - it is very british seasidey. I promise I'll get to Porlock soon:)

    Simone - oh dear not a good memory then! Hopefully things have changed now. I've always had a dread of Bangor in North Wales because when I was a child we all got food poisoning there - I went back earlier this year to have a look:)

  7. It been many years since I was last in Weston super Mare. It was a surprise to see they still have donkeys. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

  8. It seems a little deserted. Where was everyone? Was it a cold day?

    How I miss the sea! I would love a walk along that beach.

    Enjoy your weekend, Rosie.

    Marie x