Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Step back in Time

Yesterday we took a walk not just in another place but in another time. Would you like to come along with me now to see what I saw yesterday? I hope you will enjoy your visit here as much as I did!

First we'll stroll by the park.......

Where the portrait artist is at work - no it isn't Monsieur Monet but it looks a bit like him!

We can do a bit of window shopping

There's plenty to look at

We can walk on the shady side of the street, out of the midday sun

If it gets too warm we can take a ride to see the rest of the town - there's a lot more to see

in my next post!


  1. Wherever it is I want to go there! I'm wondering if it's the Black Country Museum? Another place that is on my list of places to go.

  2. I think I know where that is and it's not too far away from me. I won't say where in case it spoils your surprise. I'll pop over to say if I was right or wrong!


  3. Wow! People still live like in the past?! That's very interesting! Looking forward to your reveal!

  4. It reminds me of Beamish, but I see that it is in Shropshire. I love living history museums...just like stepping back in time.

    In answer to your question, yes, I have read Enchanted April and it is a wonderful book.

    Marie x

  5. ah, I know where this is! I look forward to your next post! Hope you had a nice day!

  6. Wonderful pictures Rosie. I especially like the one of the artist. I wonder what he has painted on the canvas?

  7. Is it Blists Hill? or the Black Country Museum - I love both of them. Hubby and I had a couple of great days out there a while back. Show me more! xxxxxxx
    PS you may need to explain the concept of "Working Museums" to Michela! xxx

  8. Rowan, it's not too far from the Black Country Museum - it's ages since we visited there, too:)

    Tracey - I'm sure you recognise the place as it isn't far from you:)

    Michela - the museum staff dress in costume to interpret the museum which is supposed to be set in the late 19th early 20th century - they work Museum opening hours but go home to their normal lives afterwards. I think they do a wonderful job of making you feel as if the past is coming alive:)

    Oh, yes, Beamish is a super living history museum - probably the biggest - it's yeasrs since I visited there too:)

    Louise, I thought you would know where we were - would you believe we visited Cosford Museum first?

    Simone - he was painting the portrait of a young boy - we may have a closer photo somewhere - I'll see if I can find it:)

    Diane, correct:) I bet you had a great time wandering around - did you change to 'old money' to buy in the shops?

  9. This is fun! Some great photos in there. I'm off to the next installment!