Saturday, June 12, 2010

Make Your Nature Count

This week I took part in the RSPB's 'Make Your Nature Count' survey. As with the 'Great Big Garden Watch' earlier in the year participants are asked to record what birds they see during a chosen hour in either their garden, park or other outdoor space. We were also asked to report on any mammals that visited the garden - even if you don't see them they leave evidence behind. The RSPB asked for people to tell them what 'sings, chirrups, snuffles and barks in your garden.'

I sat on the seat at the top of the garden and in an hour was lucky enough to see two goldfinch, two greenfinch, six sparrows, two blackbirds, two thrush, two collard doves, two wood pigeons, one robin and one blue tit. I was also able to report on evidence of visits by fox, badger and hedgehog.

The survey also asked about cats - we have loads of those in our garden everyday.

During the hour I also saw six frogs in the pond and a grey squirrel but the survey didn't want information on any of those. A couple of days later we saw a little fox!

It is lovely to have the thrushes back in the garden and also the finches. Encouraged this week by seeing the goldfinches everyday we've bought some nyger seed and set up a little pot on a stick in the flower bed where we often see the goldfinches to encourage them to keep visiting - I don't think they have found it yet!

There is still time to join in the survey if you would like to - click on the logo above to find the information on how to participate.


  1. We are lucky to live with the animals around us, aren't we. How sad a world it would be without them.

    Although, between you and me, Edward would not miss the squirrels.

  2. I love feeding the birds and this is the first year I have carried on after spring, the sparrow that we don't normally see are loving it!
    Thanks for the link.

  3. Thats lovely Rosie. I'll take a look. Sadly, I found a dead baby blackbird this morning, it looked as if it had just left the nest(which is in the ivy ). I think that might be why they asked about cats. xxxxx

  4. Lovely new header Rosie! Hopefully I will get the survey done tomorrow. I would love to have hedgehogs in my garden again but sadly I don't think there is much chance with all the foxes around!

  5. A bird watching friend of mine told me how lucky I was to have sparrows in my garden. At first I thought he was joking but it seems that this one time ubiquitous garden bird is getting scarcer. Maybe because people are getting rid of privet and hawthorn hedges?

    I envy your baby fox!

  6. What a haul in only an hour! You're very lucky to live in such a sensitive country.

  7. Pamela - wouldn't it just! Our cat Max chased a squirrel off the garden yesterday - like Edward he's not fond of them either:)

    Lyn - it is the first time I've fed them all year too and I'm so glad I have - we have all sorts of birds popping in for refreshment:)

    Diane - what a shame about the baby blackbird and I'm sure that is why they asked about cats too - we have loads - they seem to love our garden because they can hide under all the plants - I've only ever seen one of them with a baby bird and we managed to get it off the cat (not ours) and put it in a box in the plum tree where the parents found it:)

    Simone - glad you like the new header. I haven't seen a hedgehog for ages but their is evidence we have one as we find droppings in the garden, even though the foxes pass through to next door where they are fed every night:)

    Valerie - I'd heard that sparrows were getting scarce but we have had loads in the garden watching them feeding their chicks on our feeder has given loads of pleasure - they are very good parents. The fox was probably one of lasat year's cubs it is one of several that come through our garden to get food from our next door neighbour:)

    Michela - it was quite a good session - I sat early evening - very quietly - and the birds were settling in the bushes in the garden and going to the feeders:)

  8. What a busy garden you have! How fun and rewarding just to sit and observe... and appreciate.

  9. I have not seen the hedgehog that visits our garden but I see evidence of him in the morning and hear him at night snuffling about!

    Sadly my cat Jess has had two tiny fledgling tits in recent days - most upsetting - and I question my encouraging songbirds into the garden with feeders etc. My neighbour says the nest may have been predated by the stalking magpies and Jess had just found them, but I think he was just trying to make me feel better. What to do ...