Thursday, June 03, 2010

Scenes from a Lakeside Walk

We finally managed to get out of the house yesterday morning to take a walk by the lakeside at Trentham.

The morning was cool, overcast and slightly misty - just right for taking photographs!

The rhododendrons on the heronry island looked lovely against the water.

The beautiful flag iris were blooming all around the lakeside.

We spent ages strolling and gazing at the views glad to be out and about and feeling a bit better.

We walked all round the lake stopping for coffee at the Lakeside cafe on the way.

Then we walked around the gardens which had burst into life since our last visit.

Lovely planting showing different colours and textures.

Abandoned deck chairs

Gorgeous trees

and pretty flowers!

Back home to work in the garden until late afternoon when, just as we were about to cook something to eat, we had a power cut which affected the whole of our area and the villages out to the east and south of us and lasted until about 8 o'clock so it wasn't until about 10p.m. that we heard the awful news from Cumbria - my thoughts are with all those affected today.


  1. Good Morning Rosie,

    Enjoyed your lakeside walk... always a pleasure to walk with you and enjoy the beautiful English countryside.

    Haven't heard anything about Cumbria... obviously something awful has happened. Will Google that and find some info on it.

  2. My heart dropped when I did a Google search about Cumbria. Oh Rosie, how awful. So hard to understand how someone could so mindlessly inflict such savagery on others. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims and the townspeople trying to deal with the tragedy.

  3. The events in Cumbria yesterday were just dreadful, I feel so sorry for all those involved.
    Trentham is looking beautiful, I gather you haven't been feeling well? Hope you are better now if so.

  4. Terrible news in Cumbria. We never know what lies around the corner do we? I am glad to see you are making the most of the glorious walks you have around you. I wish I lived nearby so I could share a walk with you!

  5. Teresa - glad you enjoyed the walk:) Yes, it is terrible news isn't it? Hard to understand really I don't suppose we'll ever know what drove him so far over the edge.

    Rowan - Trentham is beautiful at this time of year - no big problems my husband has had a bad back and I've had a sinus infection that affected my right eye and nerves in my forehead - just a nuisance really:)

    Simone - how lovely it would be to walk with you - hope your painting is going well and you are enjoying your blogging rest:)

  6. Those photographs are just gorgeous, Rosie!!

  7. Thanks Sara, that is a huge compliment as you are a superb photographer:)

  8. Hi Rosie
    Its great to see the seasons change in gardens like this. I really enjoyed your walk. It looks a little bit like the lake at Clumber Park, I wonder if they had the same landscape gardener? It was shocking to hear about the happenings in Cumbria. I'm afraid no amount of discussions around gun laws etc will ever change the fact that we live amongst good, but als evil. I feel for all the families, and also his 2 sons.

  9. Beautiful lake and gardens. It's always such a help to have the perfect light when taking photos.

    I can't begin to imagine the devastation being felt in Cumbria. This sickening event has tarnished such a beautiful area of the UK, now and forever. x

  10. Hi Rosie,

    I have lots of catching up to do on your recent posts, you have been a busy bee! We still have a walk around your lake high on our "things to do list" but my husband is taking early retirement soon so maybe...

    Badgers are so destructive with those extra strong paws, but very exciting don't you think?

  11. Diane - Lancelot Capability Brown designed the landscape at Trentham and influenced the designer at Clumber Park so you are right about them looking similar:)

    Louise - the light was perfect for photos the morning I took them:)

    Valerie - hope you and your husband visit the lake soon - early mornings. weekdays are best as it is so quiet and peaceful:)

  12. lovely photos thankyou for sharing..
    Karen x

  13. WOW Rosie ,what AMAZINGLY beautiful pictures..The rose is ever so lovely..

  14. karen - thanks for your kind comment about my photos:)

    Dutchess - thank you too, glad you like the photos :)

  15. Hello Rosie! Thank you for your very kind comment on my blog, I hope all is well with you and Paul :)
    Beautiful pictures, such a relaxing landscape!