Thursday, June 24, 2010

Favourite Places

I've been mooching around in this warm weather; getting up early and getting jobs done before it gets too hot to do anything. Whilst the worker is marking exams on line - very tedious and soul destroying apparently - I've been thinking about the seaside and about some of my favourite places to visit. A couple of those places are Staithes and Saltburn-on-Sea on the North Yorkshire coast. I much prefer Saltburn and Staithes to Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay - not that I don't like those places too - I love climbing the 199 steps in Whitby to the Abbey on the cliff top and meandering down the little streets to the shore at Robin Hood's Bay - but I think it is because they are less crowded, less commercial and still have the feel of what they were originally - a fishing port in the case of Staithes and a purpose built seaside town in the case of Saltburn. We have a print of Staithes on the wall close to the computer and I've just been looking out some photographs to share with you. Below is a little novella set in Whitby - I quite enjoyed it but not entirely my cup of tea - a bit spooky perhaps - but then that fits in with Whitby!

We last visited both places during a rainy August in 2004 so it is high time for another visit. Here are some photos of Saltburn taken then - I'm sure it won't have changed too much; a different shop or two perhaps!

The headland and pier

Down on the beach

there is a lift down to the sea front

The pier from the upper town.

Saltburn Town Centre - I've just been looking at the clock - we must have taken this photo at ten minutes to eleven on Wednesday 11th August 2004!

Small print of Staithes from a painting by David Curtis, R.S.M.A., R.O.I (link) - I gaze at this scene often whilst I'm day dreaming! Below is our photo of a similar view - you can see how murky and wet it was.

Amongst the photos on my sidebar is one taken on the harbour at Staithes of the Crab and Lobster Inn.

Staithes has historic connections with Captain James Cook (link) which I find fascinating.


  1. I read a novel set in Saltburn a couple of years ago and it made me want to visit! I haven't managed it yet though. I haven't been to Whitby since I was very young. My aunt has a holiday home near Filey so I keep thinking one day we need to borrow it and spend a little time exploring that part of the country! (Sadly finances are preventing any sort of holiday at the moment, but perhaps next year!)

  2. Wasn't Whitby the place visited by Bram Stoker before he wrote Dracula. I seem to remember he set part of the book there. Or, am I seriously misinformed??

  3. I love that coastline - we once spent a lovely week in a fishermans cottage in Staithes. You brought back lovely

  4. Louise - I was thinking that it might be a Leo Walmsley novel but I think he wrote more about Robin Hood's Bay - we are the same with holidays this year - our neighbours very kindly let us go to their holiday home in Wales for looking after their cat when they go - so we are very lucky:)

    Pamela - yes, you are right about Bram Stoker he did visit the church and abbey on the cliffs at Whitby and that influenced Dracula:)

    Diane - glad I've brought back some memories for you - a fisherman's cottage sounds wonderful we were based in a B&B near Guisborough on that visit:)

  5. Hi Rosie,

    How I have missed my visits ~ and just look at what greets me upon my return! Now I'm feeling homesick for North Yorkshire...I love Saltburn and remember going on that cliff and chips and a walk on the beach...perfect. Have a wonderful time.

    Marie x

  6. We don't get over to the east coast very often, but we have been to Whitby. When our daughter was in primary school she was obsessed with the 'Whitby Witches' trilogy by Robin Jarvis ... so we took the caravan across and stayed there for a week. We really enjoyed it, but have never been back ... Saltburn and Staithes look lovely!
    Love Kathy xxx

  7. Lovely photos... the English coastline is so pretty. Love the rocky beaches and little coves you frequently find.

  8. Didn't know the weather in the UK was so hot right now -poor you!
    Love the style in the painting from Curtis that you posted !
    Keep cool:)
    When my kids were little we often went to cool off by going to the library on hot days (in California that's a lot of days, LOL. No wonder they love reading (just joking).

  9. Found your blog from a blog list and have been enjoying it very much. Just wanted to say. Like you - I love the seaside - especially Devon where I have just been for a long weekend - Beer - a sweet little fishing village. Helen

  10. Hello Marie, nice to see you here - hope you aren't working too hard - hope you don't feel too homesick - glad to bring back some merories for you:)

    Ooh Kathy - I've never heard of the Whitby Witches books - if you like Whitby you'll love Staithes and Salburn:)

    Teresa - yes much of the coastline is very pretty - I can never chose which parts I like best:)

    Jeanette - warm for us here but I guess you have much higher temperatures over there - I love wandering around cool libraries and art galleries when the sun is at its highest - then early mornings and late evenings in the garden:)

    Hello Helen, glad you found me! I remember a family holiday near Beer many years ago now - that area is lovely along the coast:)