Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Visit to Trentham Gardens

Last Saturday we finally got to use our '2 for 1' voucher at Trentham Gardens. We'd had it since June but couldn't use it until September because it wasn't valid during the high season of June, July and August. This was the first time we had visited since the lakeside walk was closed to visitors except those paying to go into the Italian Gardens. We had thought that we would take the Lakeside Walk first but as soon as we entered the garden we were drawn through the River of Grass towards the flower beds.

They had certainly matured since our last visit to the gardens a couple of years ago. It was a warm and sunny day and the late summer/early autumn flowers were still lovely to see.

Lots of soft pinks and blues were in evidence in the well planted beds.

The different textures and shapes of the plants and flowers added to the interest.

It was lovely to see the Echinaceas as we lost the ones in our garden during the wet winter the year before last and I don't like to plant more in case they go the same way.

I loved these pinky/purple grasses too. They rustled and swayed in the gentle breeze.

I feel I should know what these flowers are but can't name them at the moment, maybe they are Asters or Michaelmas Daisies? Anyway, they were such a pretty colour.

I think I preferred the informal beds to the formal garden but I have to say from the new viewing platform it did look stunning with the orange and red flowers and cascades of water from the fountains.

Behind the impressive new cafe where we indulged in coffee and toasted teacakes were some smaller show gardens. These two, the Mediterranean garden and the seaside garden were my favourites.

The Japanese Garden that I liked so much on our last visit had gone but it looked as if another was to be made as work was in progress.

It was time to set out around the Lakeside Walk and I'll tell you about this in another post.


  1. Are you sure you're not a photographer for the Country Living magazine??!! Fantastic pictures and gardens! I agree with you, informal beds are so cheerful!

  2. What a perfect place - I love the smaller gardens but the others are so stunning too.

  3. Another tourist attraction on my own doorstep which I simply must visit- one day.

    It does look so beautiful, who would have thought that it was so close to an industrial area known for it's coal mines and potteries?

    And now that I know they serve toasted teacakes maybe I will persuade hubby to come along with me!

  4. Beautiful place. The colours are gorgeous at this time of year aren't they. I love all the purples and pinks.

  5. What a pleasant stroll! So nice to see all these different areas of interest .... keep that camera button busy... you're doing a great job!

  6. It looks a lovely place to go for a walk and coffee and teacakes at the end, sounds perfect. x

  7. Never been to Trenthem Gardens but heard lots about it. It looks good for this time of year too!
    Thanks for voting for me!

  8. Not only do you write beautifully, Rosie... you also take amazing photos too. You have a wonderful gift of being able to express the passion you have for the world around you...
    Thanks for sharing the beauty,
    Kind regards, Pam :)