Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back Home

We set out early on Sunday morning to collect my sister and brother-in-law and then it was off down the Fosse Way to the Cotswolds where we stayed overnight at Burford. The next day we travelled down to the New Forest and our destination of Milford-on-Sea. We had super days of sunshine, occasional cloud and hardly a drop of rain - just a little spurt of wet sea air rather than rain as we explored the historic village of Buckler's Hard. On our way back we stayed overnight at Bourton-on-the-Water. I'll write more about all the places we visited later but for now I have so much to do - the usual holiday washing and ironing, shopping, lawn cutting, snail mail and e-mails to answer as well as visiting you all to see what you have been up to whilst I've been away.

The ten days of our holiday went by so quickly and I have so many happy memories and images in my mind - here, for now, are a few of them.

Boat at Keyhaven

Sunset at Milford-on-Sea

Fallow deer in the forest

Mare and Foal by Priscilla Hann in The Furlong Precinct at Ringwood

The sea at Boscombe

New Forest ponies at Beaulieu

Black-headed gull at Keyhaven

The Rescue Dog display team at Hythe Marina


  1. Hi Rosie! Welcome back! I missed you a lot! Glad you had a lovely holiday and friendly weather!
    Fantastic anticipation, can't wait to see all your photo album! xxx

  2. Welcome home. Glad you had a memorable holiday. What great shots . I look forward to seeing and hearing more. x

  3. Welcome back nice to hear you had a wonderful time...The sunset is amazingly beautiful.Take time to "come Home":)

  4. Welcome back Rosie! I am looking forward to hearing and seeing about the places you have visited. x

  5. Hello Rosie. Lovely pics. Glad you enjoyed your hols. Speak to you soon.
    Love Robert xxx

  6. What beautiful photos, Rosie! Sounds like you had a super time... so glad.

    I look forward to reading more about your holiday adventures!

  7. Great set of photos, so glad you had a good time, I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

  8. Well looks like a beautiful place, I have never been in taht part of the country. Look forward to reading about your adventures.
    Welcome Back!

  9. You probably did more photographing on your vacation than ever:) The pic of the boat is delightful - you have a good eye - could be a painting!

  10. Ive missed you too. Can't wait to hear all about your adventures. You picked a great week weather wise. I loved Bucklers Hard. xxx

  11. Great to see you back, I will catch up with your blog later, at the moment family affairs are very demanding and leaving little time for blogging.

    Take care x

  12. Hi Rosie, I'm glad your home safe and sound and full of wonderful memories. I can almost hear your excitement...
    I enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos, what a nice way to make special memories with your family.