Monday, August 04, 2008

Hen Cloud

Yesterday we thought that after a long week at work and all the hassle of the home computer breaking down, or 'frying' as Paul calls it, we needed to get out into the countryside for fresh air and exercise. We decided to walk up to the top of Hen Cloud.

Last time - link - we walked up here we walked in the opposite direction and found that quite strenuous; as I looked at Hen Cloud from here I didn't know whether I would make it or not. I did wonder if it might be a step too far. Even the sheep looked a bit dubious at my ablilities but then gave their approval by carrying on munching their breakfast.

Still a long way to go but the weather is wonderful, not too hot, a bit breezy, the birds singing and the distant noise of shouts of excitement and encouragement from a group of rock climbers scaling the rock formations a little way away.

Nearly there, I can't believe it, although my knee is startling to ache a bit. I hurt it a few weeks ago getting out of the car quickly to move the wheelie bin from the middle of the drive, where the bin man had left it, so that we could run the car up onto it. I turned my ankle on my shoe heel but it was the knee that suffered. It has bothered me ever since when I go up and down stairs.

Well, I can't believe this, me and my 'cronky' knee have made it to the top. Wow, the view is tremendous.

Time for that well earned rest and our flask of coffee I think!


  1. What wonderful photos! Is that heather among the sheep? I think so...lovely...and the view at the top certainly makes the climb worth the effort. I hope your knee recovers soon and gives you no more trouble.

  2. That looks like a beautiful walk. I hope your knee is bearing up!

  3. mibsy - yes it is heather - it was a lovely colour:)

    simone - thanks, knee seems ok today:)

  4. That hike was well worth the beautiful view (hopefully you knee survives). The green fields looks so lovely and the heather as well. I used to love watching the James Herriot series and enjoyed the beautiful landscapes like these.


  5. Well done for getting to the top, the view from there is lovely. The heather is beautiful too, we came over the Snake on Sunday and it was all flowering up there too, struck me as being quite early.

  6. Just had to stop by and say what super photo's and fabulous scenery. It must have felt wonderful drinking your coffee and surveying the view, despite the knee. Hope it's feeling better by the way.

  7. Fabulous views! I could almost feel that I was there too. ;-)

  8. Well done for making it to the top with your dodgy knee! It was certainly worth it, what a fantastic view. It's only the thought of the coffee and fruit cake at the top that keeps me going when out walking sometimes.

  9. Hi Rosie, Your photos are breath taking - my favorite is the field of heather.
    Thank you for sharing with us. Hope your knee is better.

  10. Great photos,and a beautiful walk up the Hill.Like Gillian i like the James Herriot series and landscapes like these.Hope to walk there one day,untill now we did almost all our walking and climbing in Spain.Thank you for sharing..

  11. I hope your "cronky" knee is on the mend.

    Every year I think it would be nice to do the cloud walk, maybe this year if it stops raining. It does look beautiful and reminds me of another favourite walk- Bickerton Hill.

  12. Wow! What a beautifil place!
    Hope your knee is getting better


  13. What a magnificent view! Congratulations on reaching the top!

  14. What a breath taking view and the photos are wonderful!
    I see you also enjoy genealogy research. I have ancestors from Torquay that I've worked on. Right now I'm researching the provenance of a girl's sampler from 1756 from Yorkshire,England.It is an addictive pastime for sure.

  15. Hi Rosie, long time no see. Loved these landscapes, our own moorland heather should be in bloom shortly.
    Hope all is well.

    Denise Nesbitt