Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Late Summer Harvest

I love fruit at this time of year. Soft, luscious plums straight from the tree in our garden and crisp, new English apples bought from the local shop. It seems to have taken ages for the plums to ripen but now that they have I just know a jam making session is forthcoming.

As well as the heavily laden plum tree we have brambles intertwined with the holly hedge at the top of the garden and they have given us our first blackberries of this year.

Now, do we eat all the crisp apples or do we keep a couple back to make an apple and blackberry pie. Decisions, decisions!

I am also eagerly anticipating the ripening of the crab apples so that we can make some crab apple jelly. Another week or two and they should be perfect.


  1. Those plums look delicious. I have been out looking for blackberries today too, there weren't many ready but I got enough for apple and blackberry crumble for two!

  2. You have to put some by for a blackberry and apple pie/crumble!

  3. How lucky you are to have plums in your garden and blackberries. For me I think apple and blackberry crumble and cream is absolutley delicious.

  4. Blackberry and apple crumble it is then:)