Sunday, August 31, 2008

The End of August

I don't know why but a great wistfulness always overwhelmes me at the end of August; it seems like the end of something important, something special. Maybe these feelings are influenced by the fact that I've just become a year older, if not wiser and also because I chide myself for not fully appreciating and utilising all that summer has to offer. This year, as last, we haven't really had a proper summer, those long remembered summers of childhood and youth, of day after day of warm sumshine, of late light nights and warm early mornings are now just a distant memory; but surely I could have done more with the one we had? I wandered around the garden this morning and already it is completely autumnal; the air is misty and heavy with damp, little droplets of moisture soaking me through, but it wasn't rain, it was too gentle for rain. The unmown grass was wet, soaking into my shoes making my toes feel cold and damp and leaving tide marks on the soft leather. The delicate cobwebs glistened in the bushes drifting across the paths and I had to be on constant spider alert. For the last two days we have had a pair of buzzards circling overhead, thermaling in the hot air and calling to each other with their eery, mewling cry. Today they have moved on. I always know when the sedum flowers start to turn pink that it really is the end of summer and I drift unconsciously into a few days of listlessness and dissatisfied longing. Then, like the buzzards, I move on, hoping for dry autumn days, when trees are full of colour, hedgerows are full of plenty and all is safely gathered in. Then, and only then, can I fully appreciate the last, lingering beauty of it all.

In the meantime, on a more practical and cheerful note, I do have help with the laundry.


  1. Parts of my garden are looking really autumnal as well.I feel as I have been cheated of my summer!
    It's cloudy and gloomy today...and really warm!;-)

  2. I feel as you do. I am not really a warm weather person but as I didn't go on holiday this year or even to a beach or strawberry picking I feel almost cheated by the 'Summer' we have had in the UK. I suppose once my son has returned to school and I regroup my thoughts I will look forward to the next season and all it has to offer. Saying that, I hope we have an Autumn and the season doesn't just move into Winter!!!

  3. Lovely thoughts you share. I feel there is a wistfullness about the end of summer, but such a grand hope about the beginning of the autumn.

    And you do have a wonderful laundry assistant!

  4. I felt just the same yesterday, it was a very funny sort of a day here, not summer but not autumn, warm and very still but damp and mizzling too. The trees aren't really green any more but not yet brown.
    I haven't done half the things I planned to this summer either!

  5. Time travels fast for me sometimes.I am still living in Spring while Summer is almost ending! When i was a little girl the summer was endless..and the things i could do all in one day..
    Now even the days are to short,and in the evening i think by myself..wat did I do today...
    In a way blogging helps me to enjoy the seasons more!
    Thank you for your lovely comment a few days ago.We had a wonderful family party..

  6. Cheer up Rosie, I heard on the radio today that the next few months may be dry and warmer, ever the optimist! Just as everyone is back at work. It was lovely this morning, I am ignoring the rain outside my window and hoping for brighter days.

  7. Expressive writing Rosie. Made me feel 'known' someone else feels the same things as I do!, but can express them so well.
    Maybe as you say we will enjoy a dry Autumn and that has a beauty too.

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  9. I love the end of summer! I get so tired of the sun and I long for the crisp days and the rain.

    By the way, there's a surprise for you on my blog...check it out!