Monday, August 11, 2008

Honeysuckle Cat & garden notes

I couldn't resist taking this picture of Chloe as she posed on the fence amongst the honeysuckle. She looks calm and collected here but a few minutes before there was such a screeching and wailing as she was chased across the garden and up onto the fence by her mischevious brother Max.

The sweet peas have finally started to come into flower, I'd almost given up on them, at present they are just the one dark pink colour. We had to rescue them several times in the high winds of yesterday as they kept toppling over.

The pink japanese anenomes are in flower but the white ones we have in a different area of the garden are still firmly in bud. Just behind the anenomes the blue flowers of the agapanthus are begining to open.

Every time I cut the lawn it seems to encourge these toadstools to grow. They appear mysteriously overnight; the green newly cut lawn we left the night before is covered in them. It must be the very damp weather. The tomatoes in the green house are not doing very well but, as if in compensation, we have a glut of courgettes.

Right, I'm off to look for some new recipes for courgettes, but before I go I'd just like to say Happy birthday to my sister. Have a great day!


  1. Lo-o-o-ove the photo of Chloe! Cats are so mysterious in their ways...unlike our canine friends who wear their hearts on their sleeves!

  2. That is a great picture of your cat Chloe! I did't grow sweet peas which I now wish I had because they have such a lovely fragrance and range of colours. Your pink japanese anenomes are beautiful and I think I will add them to my growing list of plants to try growing in future. Wonderful post!


  3. Wonderful photos of your charming Chloe and beautiful garden! Happy Day to you!

  4. That is a beautiful photo of Chloe and the Honeysuckle. Your plants look like they are doing very well. I can't even cut my grass at the moment as the rain will not stop!

  5. Great picture of Chloe! The flowers in your garden look lovely
    I like the japanese anemones!In my garden i have the same problem with the toadstools.I wanted to remove them but Gustave our garden toad likes them,he is always telling me "a toad needs his stool"
    So i let him keep the bigger ones,because Gustave is a very big guy.
    Have a happy day,i hope its not raining again like in holland...

  6. What a gorgeous photo of Chloe.
    My sweet peas have been flowering for quite a while now but the pink Japanese anemones I planted last year have disappeared without trace, you have just reminded me about them. I have those weird toadstools too, don't know what they are though.

  7. Beautiful Chloe, she looks a bit like our Chloe, same colour anyway ours is a bit fluffier.
    Have you tried Jamie Oliver's recipe on tv feed your family for a fiver, the one with pasta, bacon creme freche, cheese and courgettes. It's delish.
    Rosie x

  8. Your garden looks so lovely.
    Thanks for visiting my blog again.I would love to see a pic of your crinoline lady.

  9. sal you can see it here:-

  10. The photo of Chloe and the honeysuckle is gorgeous, it would make a lovely birthday card.
    I love sweet peas, both the colours and the scent,but have never tried to grow them, I rely on kind friends to give me the odd bunch each summer:)

  11. Love the pics of your garden and Chloe. They made me cheered me up, thanks.

  12. Dear Rosie,Family matters,thats why there is an award waiting for you at my place...