Friday, October 05, 2007

Oh, well....

I was hanging out the washing in the unusually warm sunshine earlier today when I came across these little fellows. They seem to have appeared on the side lawn over night, because I could swear that they weren't there yesterday. There are several little clumps of them just like the one below. A good sign that autumn is really with us.

On Wednesday I had to go to the dentist for my check up. I'd made the appointment over the phone, written it on their reminder letter and put it on the calendar. When I got there for 11.55a.m. it turns out I should have been there at 10.55a.m. Now I know the person on the other end of the phone said 11.55a.m. because I wrote it down and read it back to her but I was made to feel really guilty for not turning up at the right time. I'm guessing she was thinking 10.55 and 5 to 11 and conflated the two, who knows? They made me a new appointment for 10.10a.m. today so I was up early with plenty of time but just as I'd washed my hair the electricity went off. I had visions of going into the dental surgery with dripping hair as I knew it would take a long time to dry, it being shoulder length and quite thick, but about 10 minutes before I had to leave the house the electricity came back on and I was able to dry my hair very quickly and dash off - scared I was going to be late again and get treated like a naughty schoolgirl once more. Oh well....

Above are the Rudbeckia or cone flowers in the very bright afternoon sun.

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  1. I do hope after all that your visit was painless. Going to the Dentist is definitly a have to, not a want to thing in life.
    I had a little chuckle, because while I was out taking photos of my garden, I snapped a photo of mushrooms on my lawn that looked identical to your photo. Here we are miles apart from each other, doing the same thing, we must be kindrend spirits.
    Have a good weekend.