Friday, October 12, 2007

Ashford in the Water

Ashford is a very pretty village just off the main Bakewell to Buxton road. We had visited once before a few years ago when we were doing some family history research but we decided to drop in again today to have a walk round.

We passed Holy Trinity church where, on our last visit, we had found some of Paul's ancestors in the churchyard. Then we popped into the village shop for a newspaper and a bottle of water. Outside the shop were racks and boxes full of fruit and vegetables.

The shop is fascinating inside, selling all sorts of things like newspapers, greetings cards, ice cream, gifts and there is also a deli counter with meats, cheese etc. There was hardly any room to move around as every available space was full of goodies.

The back of the shop was covered with this lovely russet coloured vine, growing all over the walls and up to the roof.

We crossed the sheep wash bridge over the River Wye. The people on the bridge were feeding the swans and ducks on the water below.

By now the mist had cleared and the sun light was glinting on the water.

The cottage behind the old market stand is next to the bridge and has a wonderful garden spreading down to the river.

When we left Ashford we drove up to the village of Sheldon and then walked across the field to the Magpie Mine, an old lead mine whose workings and disused buildings are still in situ. From there we drove back towards Brierlow Bar and spent some time browsing in my favourite bookshop - I will write more on the mine and bookshop next time, as there is a connection between a book I've been reading and the mine.


  1. I just put Ashford in the Water, and the other places in your post into Google Earth, to get a bearing of where in England you are.
    It is facinating.
    Beautiful photos.

  2. Ashford in the Water is a lovely village, have you ever been there for the well dressings? I've always loved the old sheepwash bridge too, it looks attractive at all times of the year.

  3. lois, what a good idea, glad you were able to find out more about the places I'd mentioned

    rowan, I've never been to the well-dressings at Ashford. When I was at junior school in Scarcliffe(near Bolsover) we always used to have a school 'outing' to the ones at Tissington :)