Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just by Chance

I took this photo this morning from the window at the top of the stairs, across the hedge into next door's garden. I saw the ginger cat playing with the empty coconut shell bird feeders, it wasn't until I zoomed and cropped the photo that I saw the other tabby cat behind keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings. Yes, it is our Tommy Tank. As you know from my posts earlier this year Tom was very ill and we nearly lost him so it's great to see that he can still get up into trees.

This week has been quite strange. Paul has been working very odd hours whilst training for his new job and I've been recovering from banging my head and spending most of Sunday afternoon and evening in the walk-in hospital followed by A&E. Sunday isn't a good time to sit in A&E waiting for your name to be called. I was surrounded by young men in shorts or track suits with swollen knees or ankles - all injuries sustained whilst playing football in the Sunday league. We spent two and a half hours at the walk-in and three at A&E - but, thank goodness - no lasting damage done. I think today is the first day I've felt almost normal again.

In the middle of all this we had an offer on our house from couple two. Unfortunately they wanted us to reduce the price by four thousand pounds, as we've not long since reduced it by six thousand we thought this was a bit much as it would certainly lessen our options on any property we want to buy so we have had to say no.

We were going to go to Pumpkin Day at Ryton Gardens on Sunday and I was hoping to take some pumpkin photos for next week but as Paul has to go up to Bradford on Monday for more training I don't think it would be wise to drive so far the day before so we are planning to perhaps have a gentle stroll somewhere instead.


  1. I'm sorry that you had such a horrid Sunday, A&E isn't the greatest place to spend any time but I'm glad that it wasn't serious. A gentle weekend is probably just the thing for you.

  2. HI Rosie,I need to ask you what A&E is?, I dont think we have that here I am assuming it is a clinic but what does it stand for?
    That's too bad about the offer. Maybe they will rethink things. It is a waiting game selling houses, and thats the hard part, waiting.
    I enjoyed looking at your listing. Thanks.

  3. Hi Lois, A&E stands for accident and emergency - I think I was minor accident rather than emergency - it brought back bad memories for me though as I sat in there for ages about 5 years ago when Paul fell off a ladder and cracked vertebrae in his back - talking of backs hope yours is feeling easier now:)

    rowan, definitely a gentle stroll somewhere nice like Bakewell or Rowsley :)

  4. Hi there - sorry to hear about your offer - don't forget if they really like your house they might come back and increase it. We reduced ours by offering to pay 2% stamp duty if we got the asking price! We sold it on those terms so really they got it for £5,300 less cos that was thew 2%. Its just that we all find the stamp duty thing difficult to swallow. We were happy cos we sold and they were happy cos they got some knocked off.

  5. Hi alchamillamolly, in the area we live the stamp duty is assisted up to one hundred and fifty thousand pounds - so we reduced our house to fifty pounds under that so that any purchasers wouldn't have to pay it, but they still want us to reduce more! I was hoping they would come back with a better offer but nothing so far. We live in hopes as there is still couple one - good news about your sale & purchase though:)

  6. I hope they come back with more, or you get new viewers soon.

  7. michelle, I think they offered as much as they could afford as they didn't come back to negotiate :(