Friday, October 19, 2007

Window Cats and Happiness

Max and Tom in the back bedroom window this morning.
(sorry not a great photo because of the glare)

Psychology researchers at Nottingham University have completed a study commissioned by the National Lottery amongst lottery winners and others and found that money can't buy happiness. The study found that after the initial excitement of buying things it was the small things in life that brought real happiness. Things like a soak in a warm bath, an afternoon snooze or a gentle stroll in the park. I think we already knew this but it is nice to have it confirmed. I would also like to add to those items a good book to read and a cat on my lap. Who could ask for more?


  1. How right this is - money never has been able to buy happiness and the things that do bring happiness are mostly free. Hope the house stuff is not proving too stressful, it's never an easy thing to negotiate your way through. A nice walk in the country is what's called for I think:)

  2. I wish I could agree. We live fairly simply and with the help of a Pension Credit. We don't own a car. Most of time we manage well, but there are times when a few extra pennies would help. When I was a kid being 'middle class' meant not having to worry from year to year. In other words financial security — not possessions. I think it suits the media and the politicians to lose the true meaning of being middle class. There is a whole under-class out there who deserve the right to be bored with money.

    As my grandfather used to say: 'If work was such a good thing the rich would keep it all for themselves'. So it is with money!

  3. robert, I see what you mean, money can give security which in turn makes you feel happier. I've always said to Paul - I don't want lots of money just enough to feel secure for the future - and I have felt very insecure this year. It would be great if everyone had the security of not having to worry how to pay the bills.

    I think I was meaning more that the beauty of nature and the simple pleasures of life mean more than having lots of possessions or status symbols - like cars, TVs, computers, designer this and that and etc -

  4. rowan, thanks for your good wishes - ah, a nice walk in the country :)