Monday, April 30, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - April 2012

Can't believe it's May tomorrow but it is so here, on the last day of April, are my Photo Scavenger Hunt offerings for this month.  I must admit that I've rushed around in the last few days trying to find  most of them as I started late and for ages only had three of the topics and almost decided to miss a month out but then decided I'd have a go.  Thanks, as always to Kathy at Postcards from the PP for setting us off on our quest with her choice of things to find.  Here is a -  link - to other participants.

An amazing feat of engineering!  The Anderton Boat Lift, Anderton, Cheshire.  After our visit to Northwich earlier in the year we promised ourselves that we would go back and go down on the lift and make the river trip which we did last week.  The lift was built in 1875 to move boats between the Trent and Mersey Canal and the River Weaver ( now designated a canal and known as the Weaver Navigation)  At first it used water hydraulics to power it later it moved to electricity.  In 2001 it was returned to hydraulic operation.   It was, indeed, an amazing experience to travel down in the lift!

Can't live without
Even with the amount of rain tumbling out of the sky this month we still have drought conditions in many areas of the country.  I could manage without a lot of things but water isn't one of them. 
Direction for one way traffic on our walk back from Errwood Reservoir to Derbyshire Bridge

Entrance and exit to a local garden centre

Whilst waiting to make the trip on the Anderton Boat lift we indulged in coffee and muffins at the very nice cafe in the visitor centre.  We watched through the windows as the boat we were going to travel in came up on the lift whilst Ted, one of the volunteers, sat with us at our table and told us all about the building and technology of the lift.

I think this stained glass window is multi-coloured enough to be acceptable although I took it right at the end of last month so I hope that is acceptable too.  The window is in the refectory at Chester Cathedral.

On the Move
A narrow boat moves gently into the Trent and Mersey Canal from the exit of Aston Marina near Stone in Staffordshire.

A rock water fall seen on  our walk from Derbyshire Bridge to Errwood Reservoir.

I love the smile(s) in this print I have on my wall at home of one of my favourite paintings.  It is just a small section of the print which is from a painting called 'Love's Oracle' by Albert Ritzberger.  I bought the print from Nottingham Castle in the 1970s where the original was (and I think still is) on display.  I must visit again one day as it is ages since I saw the original.

A spring on my springy wooden cat!

Sticky fingers - Paul making bread with Emmer wheat flour which is extra sticky when kneading! 

The reeds at the side of the Weaver Navigation were whipping themselves into a tangle as we passed by on our boat trip after descending from the Trent and Mersey Canal by the Anderton Boat Lift.

Well, that's my lot - I wonder what next month's hunt will bring?


  1. You did well to find all the things on the list. The smile painting is lovely with a wonderful use of light. It makes me smile too! x

  2. Great photos Rosie. Loved the stained glass window.


  3. The stained glass window is so cheering! There is something about bright colours which makes them a real mood lifter!

    I also love the rock waterfall and the tangled reeds.

    Super photos :)

  4. I have enjoyed your photos as always. That boat lifting contraption is amazing. I like your tangle photo too. That bread dough does look very sticky!

  5. When is a one way road not a one way road ....? This was quite a road sign.


  6. You should have called in for a cup of tea. I live about a mile away from the Anderton boat lift. We only went down it for the first time last year!

  7. It is interesting to see what photos you choose to link with the word - quite a challenge

  8. Your photographs are wonderful. I think your amazing is truly amazing, and I love the spring! I know the stained glass window in Chester Cathedral .... I've always thought it was lovely and bright!

  9. The rock water fall is beautiful. Very clever on the spring photo. Great show!

  10. That's really good selection of photos - love the look of Indulgence:)

  11. Great photos, the smile is lovely.

  12. What great fun to see different parts of the world and learn about them too! You've shared a wonderful selection, and I can see why the smile picture appeals. Creative 'spring', and the waterfall and stained glass window are lovely.

  13. Great shots - love Multicolored!

  14. Love the shot of the rock waterfall - beautiful! Becks x

  15. Hi. Just to let you know that I've selected you for the Sunshine Award. If you want to join in please see my blog, but there is no obligation to take part. Suzy x

  16. Great photos Rosie. I like your multi coloured and indulgence as well as the rock waterfall. It's really lovely to see other peoples take on the words.

  17. What a great group of photos, I like multi-coloured, and on the move.

  18. wow...utterly lovely....quite a fascinating range!!

  19. I like the rock one best - I would have struggled with rock if I had scavenged this month. Probably would have ended up making rock cakes!

  20. Thanks, as always everyone for taking time to visit and leave a comment:)

  21. The boat lift is truly amazing, I just watched a video on YouTube to see how it works. Also very clever choice for Can't live without and the stained glass windows are beautiful.

  22. I love your photos particularly the boat lift and the smile in that beautiful picture.