Friday, April 06, 2012

Aston-by-Stone to Burston

After Wednesday's grim weather it was great to get out into the fresh air yesterday for a long walk.

We parked at the new Aston Marina which is close to the village of Aston-by-Stone.   After a coffee  at the Bistro we donned boots and warm jackets and set off down the canal  towards the village of Burston.

Walking down the towpath on the opposite side you pass the entrance and exit to the marina, in between the two were a pair of swans nesting.

 This is a lovely stretch of the Trent and Mersey Canal.  As we walked we saw lapwings overhead and black caps in the bushes.

There were quite a few narrow boats on the canal, both experienced regulars and holiday makers out on the waterways for the Easter break.

 In the fields either side of the canal were cattle and sheep

  When we reached the bridge over the canal just before the village of Burston we diverted away from the canal towpath and walked across the bridge over the River Trent and down past the nature reserve.

This is part of the Aston to Burston Trail which is  circular walk between the two villages

Following the trail back to Aston leads through open fields where skylarks rose in the air and hovered over our heads.

We walked down sheltered country lanes where, what I think is hawthorn blossom (it could, of course, be damson or blackthorn), was out.  I expect we all remember from our childhood the saying 'Ne'er cast a clout til may be out' and for ages we all thought that meant not to take coats or cardigans off until the month of May. Now we know it probably refers to the may or hawthorn blossom.  I can tell you I wasn't casting any clouts yesterday as it was still very cold, unlike the week before!

There were some lovely houses to be seen on our way into the village, below is Aston Hall

 and  St Saviour's  church which you can see across the canal when you first set out on the walk - hence my first photo.

Just past the church is the bridge over the River Trent and then a second bridge over the canal

Back at the marina we wandered around the farm shop to see what goodies they had before setting off for home again.  At the Marina you can hire four-seater electric powered boats for up to two hours so you can explore the canal between Aston and Sandon Lock.  Now there's an idea for a special occasion.


  1. A wonderful place to walk. I always thought the poem about May referred to the Month rather than the blossom too but the blossom being out seems apt. I think hiring one of the boats seems like a lovely thing to do but not in this freezing cold weather!!! x

  2. Thanks for another lovely walk!
    Happy Easter!

  3. As soon as the weather is nice, it is wonderful to get outdoors. We are having a beautiful day again today in Holland although they forecasted really bad weather.
    I take it you are nowhere near the heavy snow areas I am seeing on British TV?

    Hugs from Holland ~

  4. What a lovely walk.Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. An interesting walk - I think it was blackthorn as the flowers come out before the leaves. Have a nice easter.

  6. What a lovely walk Rosie. Did you get the snow on Wednesday? We did. Difficult to believe I had "cast my clouts" and stripped off to my cozzie the week before!! Many thanks for my eggs and card - Ive polished the eggs off already! xxxxx

  7. Sounds like a very nice walk. I've stayed home all week and the weather forecast doesn't look inspiring for the weekend!

    The blossom looks like blackthorn and on blackthorn it's flowers before leaves and on hawthorn leaves before flowers - if I've remembered correctly anyway!

  8. Thanks Elaine and Louise for the information about the blossom - I had a feeling it might be Blackthorn but wasn't sure:)

  9. Great post, Rosie - love your photos, so glad I found your blog!

  10. Great post, Rosie - love your photos, so glad I found your blog!

  11. Thanks for taking us along on another great walk Rosie. Seeing those skylarks hovering just above must have been a wonderful sight.

    Like you, we always have a coffee/tea break before starting out on any walk!

    It has turned decidedly chilly here in Suffolk too.

    Happy Easter.


  12. That looks such a good walk and that Aston Hall is a bit different to the brummy Aston Hall! I'll be googling this later to have a nose at the area. Suzy x

  13. We are going to do your walk today Rosie. Thanks for sharing 👍