Saturday, July 30, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - July 2011

Here are my entries for this month's Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Thanks as always to Kathy at Postcards from the PP for setting the topics for each month and I see that August's list is on her blog now!   Here is a - link- to the other participants.

A Flag
At the Ambien Hill re-enactment camp, Bosworth Battlefield Centre, Leicestershire

A Kite
Home made by Paul with crepe paper, parcel ribbon and balsa wood and tested in the garden

I really struggled with this one as we have no birthdays or anniversaries in July so I decided to interpret it in my own way by taking a photo down by the Caldon canal in celebration of the beauty of nature and of being close to such lovely countryside.

From Ambien Hill, Bosworth Battlefield Centre, Leicestershire

Flip flops
Courtesy of George @ASDA

Ice  cream
Vintage ice cream van in the city centre

Red, White and Blue
A rather sad looking toy dog at the local garden centre

In a fish dish - courtesy of the local garden centre

Something that makes you happy (not a person or animal)
Having a  pile of new books on my bedside table just waiting to be read

Emma Bridgewater's 'Stars' teapot


Deckchairs blowing in the wind at Trentham Gardens

Right, I'm off to see what everyone else has come up with!


  1. Great pictures and I LOVE the teapot with stars!

  2. You've got some lovely photographs there this month .... I love the teapot, and the stripes on the deck chairs. And ten out of ten for the kite!!!

  3. A wonderful selection especially the deckchairs blowing in the breeze. Well done on the home made kite too! x

  4. I love your photos this month! I have a similar one for 'happy'! I'm a bit behind schedule with moving Dave over the last two days AND I accidentally deleted the photos I had ready to post - oops! Now the moving is all done I can get to work on my scavenger post this evening, along with reading two days worth of blog posts!

    I'm impressed with the home made kite and love the deckchairs! I like the way you captured the fields and the way you portrayed celebration too.

  5. Love the deckchairs' one! Did hubby make a kite just for you for the challenge?! :-)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. Homemade kites are the best!!
    Great photos this month. I'm looking forward to getting started on August's list; however, it looks a bit harder than July's list.

  7. I wonder if Torbay Borough Council buy their deckchairs from the same suplier as those you have photographed, for I did the same last week, also with them being windblown!

    And on your pile of books, I've got and read The Fossil Hunter and very much enjoyed it!

    Lovely photos!
    Margaret P

  8. Great photos - love that teapot!

  9. I love your photos!!
    Anne xx

  10. Great photos, I love the stripes one!

  11. Wonderfully fascinating images! Love those chairs blowing in the wind! And a lovely interpretation of "celebration". And the clever is that? Annette

  12. Your pile of books looks very interesting - have not read any of those myself but yes I love reading -makes me very happy as well.

  13. I glad I found your blog. Your photos have inspired me.

  14. Nice photos - I love the deck chairs blowing in the wind and the view across the fields, beautiful.

  15. Enjoyed your selection of photos :) always a pleasure to see what others have chosen.

  16. Great photos - lovely summery choices for the hunt this month.


  17. Lovely photographs. I think the deckchairs is my favourite one.

  18. Love your blog!

    Follow me if you like my blog and I'll follow you back. :)


  19. To me your photos really sum up what Summer is all about. x

  20. I did try this, Rosie! No way do I have the patience! Yours are always so great...

  21. oh those deckchairs are adorable x

  22. oh yes, we snapped the very same van and it was in the same place when I was there. when I saw it I thought of the scavenger hunt straight away but I had no recollection of seeing it here on your post - shame on my observational skills!

  23. Well done I made a booboo with mine and missed out two and split red, white and blue! oh well!
    I love that teapot!!!