Monday, July 04, 2011

The Answer

The answer to feeling under the weather and in slightly low spirits is, for me, to go and find the sea which, thanks to our kind neighbours who let us stay in their holiday home every year and look after our cats as well, we were able to do.

We walked on quite a few beaches along and around the Llyn Peninsula and there are a lot more posts coming about all the things we have seen and done but for now we'll just have a wander up the cliff path at Borth y gest and look out over White Rock Sands - Black Rock sands are further around the headland.

Then we went down to walk along the beach at Borth y Gest,  where we found rock pools

Footprints in the sand

Lots of seaweed

and loads of jelly fish washed up by the tide and trapped on the beach

I could gaze out over this view across the Glaslyn Estuary towards Harlech for ages;  it is soothing, calm and pushes all those little niggles and anxieties to the back of your mind.

As we walked along the cliff path  we passed the house below - it's for sale.  Oh, if only! Just to have that view above every day!

I'm still not too old to have dreams and aspirations.


  1. I know just what you mean Rosie.
    We were down by the sea at the weekend and there is something about the tangy, saltiness of the sea air and the hugeness of the sky that restores a feeling of balance and harmony.

    Your photos are beautiful and what a lovely place. Enjoy your holiday.


  2. I can see why you found the answer in that beautiful part of the world. Lucky for you and your neighbours!

  3. Aaah lovely seaside!
    The house looks good....

    Sandie xx

  4. It looks so beautifully quiet and tranquil, hope that you have come back feeling refreshed and well.

  5. How wonderful to have such gracious friends! I hope you attain your balance and enjoy your stay.

  6. There is definitely restorative about the sea, just to be there is so calming.

  7. What a tonic! Now, what was the question? xxxx

  8. What an uncontaminated foreshore on that beach!
    Glad you've found your medicine, take care now that you're back home

  9. I need the sea regularly to soothe my soul. I'm with you on this one!

  10. Oh, I love the Llyn Peninsula! I also love that view from the other side of the Glaslyn. I could so happily be walking across Aberdaron headland right now, looking out at Bardsey Island and listening to the sigh of the sea!(Well, maybe not RIGHT now, as it's pretty much pitch black outside. Although, with a good torch...)

  11. The sea tides wash away the debris, walking barefoot on the sand restores my balance and listening to nature refocuses my senses. I hope it has worked it's magic on you.

  12. Lovely views. I wish I could go to the sea more often, it's been a few years for me :(


    When I was little I used to think glow worms were fictitious creatures, only in story books! I've wanted to see them ever since I leaned they were real! It was a great experience - I'll let you know if I find a population closer to us for next summer!

    Also, yes bats do roost! There's an old abandoned land rover in a field close to out hedge and bats roost there so we get plenty of bats flying around our garden of an evening!

  13. Sigh,... how lovely. Wales is one of my absolute favorite places. Would love to visit there again.. but in them meantime it's nice to read about your adventures there :-)

  14. Oh, I couldn't agree more. I'm really looking forward to living close to the sea after years of being land-locked!

    We went for a walk along our favourite beach last Sunday ~ an immense stretch of sand and hardly anyone else on it....I think that I saw about seven and we've been on it when we had it to ourselves. I will be sharing some photos when I have time.

    Marie x