Monday, December 06, 2010

Back Home

The snow in Chesterfield was far deeper than it was here.  We were housebound for quite a few days but that was fine as the fridge and freezer were well stocked and we didn't have to go anywhere.  We had quite a good journey home with just a few delays on the A38 as we, and all the other drivers,  were lead along by a police car with a helicopter hovering overhead.  Not sure what the problem was but we were soon on our way again through Derby and out towards the A50.

Yesterday we decided to go for a walk around the lake at Trentham Gardens.  I wasn't going to take any photos but it all looked so beautiful I couldn't resist.

The trees looked lovely against the blue sky.

We didn't spot any of the fallow deer but found these sculptures at the side of the lake!  

No rowers on the water, of course.  The yellow boat caught my eye - a splash of colour on the frozen lake.

We saw this little white duck at the side of the river; most of the ducks were on there rather than the lake as the water wasn't frozen.

Needless to say there was no one sitting outside the lakeside cafe, as they usually do on a  Sunday morning.

The pathways were quite slippy but we managed quite well in our walking boots. 

When we got back to the gardens the choir were gathered ready to sing some carols. 

All of a sudden it felt quite festive!


  1. Glad to see your back safe and sound. Walking in the snow is one thing but driving is something else, we have had fog and ice too.

    Your photo's do look very pretty though.

  2. Lovely photos - it's all looking so pretty at the moment, isn't it? But really, really icy here - I hate walking on ice! Love the white duck!

  3. Glad you got back in one piece - i was worried about how you would be coping. I hope your sister is recovering. I'm starting to feel very festive - the snow is helping. xxxx

  4. I hope your sister is recovering well Rosie and good to see you back sound and sound from the treacherous weather you experienced in Chesterfield. I guess it's still difficult up there now. I have to say it hasn't been at all bad here in Suffolk. The light snowfall last week looked magical but without all the disruption heavy snow and ice can bring. Today we are shrouded in thick fog!

    Your pictures from Trentham Gardens look so pretty - and how very different from your summer visits!!


  5. Your photos are so beautiful as usual ... glad to hear you got back safely. Our snow hasn't been anywhere near as deep as yours but I hate driving in this weather, it's so precarious.
    Have a good week
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. Glad you got back safely from your sisters and I hope she's doing well after her op. Trentham Gardens look lovely but it looks as though you had the place pretty much to yourselves:)

  7. How lovely to be greeted by carollers! I am glad that you got to your sister and back safely. I hope she is well. The photos are lovely. We don't have any snow down here but it has been extremely cold at night. x

  8. We were at Trentham yesterday, it was so busy but very festive. We'll have to go back in the week when its a bit quieter. Lovely photos.

  9. Glad you got back in one piece, hope your sister is well. The pictures are lovely. What does the one above the choir show? It looks intriguing.

  10. Welcome back. lovely photo's

  11. Lovely photos.They really capture this wintry weather.keep warm.

  12. Hi Rosie, i hope you had a lovely time with your sister and she's feeling better.
    Thanks to God you didn't starve :-)

  13. The pavements and side roads are treacherous round here, I have only been out 3 times in the past week and getting stir crazy! Glad you got back ok and I hope your sister is doing well.x

  14. The A38 is always slow through Derby. Improvements have been on the planning board for years, buit they have just been shelved yet again!

    Beautiful photos. I bet the carol singing was fun!

  15. Hi there. Just popped over from Jenny Freckles's sheep post after I saw your comment about lions. They did them in Northampton a couple of years ago, apparently!

    The company that arranges these "parades" is acalled Wild in Art and it's based in Derbyshire.

  16. Once we lived in the forest for 1 1/2 years. That's where your pic of the snowy road reminds me of...
    (Thanks for sharing -I have a very good memory of that time)
    Because there was only one road to town -so different where I live now, on the border of 4 cities!