Saturday, December 18, 2010


It began to snow again yesterday - just a light sprinkling which was topped up during the night.  Today was to be a big shopping day and I wasn't particularly looking forward to it but we were up early so decided to try and make the city centre.  The roads around us haven't been  gritted so getting off the estate and down the hill to the main road was a bit scary but after that things were fine.

The car park was nearly empty when we arrived and amazingly so were many of the shops;  we had expected huge crowds but thankfully we were able to wander around M&S, BHS, W.H. Smith and Debenhams as if it was a weekday morning in February.  We didn't have to queue for coffee and we managed to find everything we wanted.  I also managed to find some much needed boots at Clarks reduced from £69.99 to £34.99 - I do like a bargain!  I've been looking for over a year so I'm so relieved to have some new ones.

We then moved on to Tesco - the car park was half empty and so was the shop.  We we were able to wander around and get what we wanted without any stress and walked up to an empty check-out to pay.  I can't quite believe our good luck!  Was it really the Saturday before Christmas?

Back home this afternoon we have been into the roof to retrieve the Christmas tree and decorations;  no doubt these will be put up tomorrow so at least the house will look at little bit more festive! We have a few presents to wrap and a few local cards to pop through letterboxes.

I've burrowed in the cupboard (note to self:- tidying and decluttering is needed!) and found some favourite seasonal films to watch over the next couple of weeks.

and I've got a  couple of really frivolous, festive books to read - am I getting there at last?
I do hope so! 


  1. Great post Rosie.

    Can't believe how quiet the shops were for you, very lucky, and good to get a bargain with your boots.

    I have to go in the loft to get our Christmas tree out too as we don't have anything festive up yet!!!!

  2. Great luck on the shopping front - we don't have snow here, but we popped to Tesco this morning and it wasn't too bad here either??? What is going on?
    Love Actually is a great Christmas movie - I might pop it on later whilst wrapping the last of the pressies! I have the same spotty tablecloth too - and those two books are on my Christmas Wish List! Here's hoping

  3. Its the best feeling in the world when "your ready" . My daughter decorated the tree on Tuesday (we had to wait until she was home from Uni before we started Christmas preparations "proper"). Great choice of films - some of my personal faves in there! The Holiday was filmed in the town where my friend lives (Godalming in Surrey). They filmed it in July, so they were all intrigued when they turned the high street into a winter scene. xxx

  4. It sounds as though you had a very rewarding and productive day! We had loads of snow today and I really don't want any more now! x

  5. You are all ready to do what we all should be doing...enjoying the season. Now, if I had worked a little harder in the beginning of the month, I might be able to do the same. Unfortunately, I'm a bit behind!! hehe...I here I sit reading about everyone else's relaxing in their preparedness!!

  6. Great for you that the shops were quiet.Enjot putting your decorations up.

  7. What incredibly good fortune! Well done you for not being put off by the snow. We haven't had much here this time; just a light dusting. I'll be perfectly happy if it stays that way!

  8. Maybe the crowds came after you left? Happy for you that you found a bargain! We have some"Clarks" available here in the US, and I find them most comfortable, so I just bought a pair a few weeks ago - also on sale:)

  9. Going shopping tomorrow, no doubt it will be heaving! C'mas tree will be up tomorrow too. #1Son coming on the 23rd just hope Heathrow is open and stays open. x

  10. The roads are always bad your way, we were up there friday delivering cards. I live on a main road and saturday morning was very odd as it was so quiet. The books look good, I'll have to check them out.

  11. Good to hear your shopping was stress-free Rosie. My kind of Christmas shopping! I heard on the news that Brent Cross Shopping Centre near London was closed yesterday because of fears for the safety of the public in the inclement weather. I thought it a very festive gesture on their part to put safety before consumerism!

    Enjoy decorating your tree.


  12. What a good shopping day you had - well done! Love Actually is great :)

  13. Thanks for the comment on my classic book post Rosie. I have made a note of the books you mentioned at the end, and will have a look at them. I think it's good to try new (to me) authors once in a while, don't you? At the moment I seem obsessed with women's literature in the thirties/forties/fifties era, so reading a lot of Persephone books! Mixed in with the frivolity you have on your blog too.... a bit of really light reading is what you often need isn't it? A good escape.

  14. Hi Rosie!
    We were snowed last Friday, but this didn't stop last Saturday was really a nightmare!
    Have a lovely Christmas week!

  15. yes, the cold weather does have its compensations!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Rosie, and thank you for taking me on so many virtual walks. I am sure you well deserve those new boots!

  16. thanks for popping by, always lovely to hear from you. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xx