Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day Walk

After a day indoors on Christmas Day we were ready to get out and about and walk off the effects of the Christmas pud and mince pies .  I'm so glad we got out yesterday because as I sit here looking out of the window this morning the snow is coming down again - although as it is warmer it doesn't seem to be settling.

We didn't venture far; just for our usual walk around the lake at Trentham but it was so lovely!

A magical winter wonderland - it was hard to see the edges of the lake

Everything was white over with frost crystals covering the snow
It was so very, very cold!  My fingers tingled in two pairs of gloves.

The words deep and crisp and even came into my head!

I apologise for showing even more snowy photos but my world over the last few weeks has been mostly white.

I'm still getting used to my posh new lap top; it has taken me ages to write and set out this post

I'm missing the old desk top but finding the laptop quicker and easier in connecting to the internet.

Whilst I'm writing this I'd just like to say thank you to all of you for leaving such lovely comments, for visiting and reading my posts and for following me - I appreciate it so much!

I've just turned around to look out of the window and the snowflakes are huge and settling now.  Oh, well!


  1. Lovely photos ... so nice to get out and stretch your legs. I took Inca out in the snow yesterday. Chilly but great to be out. We've got rain here today so our snow is fast disappearing!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. Don't apologise - great pics! Yes, it was good to get out after The Feast, wasn't it?! I'm sure I'm 1/2 stone heavier! Abby x

  3. Its should be the law to walk on Boxing day! We walked to my mum and dads which is only just over a mile away but the last part is up Gravelly bank. The views are fabulous from there but boy was I out of puff.

    I love to see your walks, hope 2011 brings more, thank you.

  4. It's mostly turned to drizzle here today, but I'm gathering we're due more snow tonight. Your pictures are gorgeous.

  5. No need to apologise for posting more lovely pics as I love visiting to view them.

    Love this post too.

  6. No need to apologise for snowy pictures Rosie - I love 'em!

    We visited family on Boxing Day and took a walk in Epping Forest - so good to get out in the crisp,clean air.

    I hope your Christmas was joyful.


  7. Our snow has almost all gone now. I dont mind if we get a bit more up to the end of the week as we are all off. Your photos are - as usual lovely Rosie. xxx

  8. What a good way to spend Boxing day. It's raining here and washing the snow away!

  9. Your blog lovely with a gorgeous layout and your photos are beautiful. I'm sure the walk you took was very refreshing and it feels good to get out and get the blood flowing after a period of eating and sitting indoors.
    Looking forward to your next post whatever it holds. :)
    Anne xx

  10. Your snow photos are great! My favorites are the first (the tree come out so nicely in the snow!), and the last - stunning sky!
    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your Christmas:)

  11. Gorgoeus photographs. We felt a similar need on Boxing Day to get out into the fresh air and walk along the beach.

  12. Hi Rosie,

    LOVE your snowy photos! lovely. Also liked the looks of the Christmas pudding! We have Christmas pudding every year... lots of the bigger grocery stores over here import British foods around Christmas time. So glad they do! What would Christmas be without Christmas Pudding? :-)