Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Frozen Landscape

Yesterday we walked a section of the Trent and Mersey Canal between Sandon Lock and Salt that we hadn't walked before. As you know from previous posts over the last few years we have walked, in sections, the length of the canal from Stone to Kidsgrove and beyond the Harecastle tunnel.

We parked the car just beyond the bridge, struggled into our wellington boots and made our way down the path towards the canal towpath.

The air was very still and there was a slight mist over the water which was, in places, solid ice.

The ice was cracked and broken as if something had tried to move through it leaving behind floating blocks that had frozen together again.

In some areas even the towpath was thick with ice as you can see from the photo below - we had to be very careful not to slip.

Further along we found evidence of the industrious Mr Mole.

To the left of the photo and running parallel to the canal is the railway and beyond that the road. To the right, just over the fence runs the River Trent over which the mist hung heavily, floating across the top of the moving water.

By this time our fingers and toes were beginning to feel the cold - it was time to turn around and head back.

We retraced our steps back towards Sandon Lock and the warmth of our little car.


  1. I really enjoy coming with you on your winter walks Rosie. I love to get out and about. It really makes you appreciate 'home' so much more especailly when your fingers and toes are frozen!

  2. I agree with Simone, you make us feel as we would be there with you, you're so careful to details!

  3. Lovely walk, great photos thanks for sharing them.

  4. What a beautiful walk Rosie. I hope that Mole, Ratty, Toad and Badger were all safely tucked up in the warm!

    Marie x

    PS I just finished reading Winter In Thrush Green ~ what a lovely book.

  5. What atmospheric photos Rosie. You were brave to walk on a frozen towpath!!! The paths around here have been trecherous. Heres wishing you a lovely 2010. xxx

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