Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brr - even colder!

Yesterday we had to make a journey up to Scarborough on the Yorkshire Coast to attend a family funeral. We set out just after 8a.m. and arrived back home at just after 8p.m. It was a long day! The outward journey took over 4 hours as we travelled through snowy Derbyshire towards Chesterfield, Worksop and Doncaster where we avoided the reported queues on the A1 by taking the A19 towards Selby. Here, through the village of Escrick and beyond we travelled through a winter wonderland of bleak landscapes and brilliant white frosted trees. We reached Scarborough an hour early so we parked near the sea and had a little walk near the harbour.

It was very cold!

The ground was very slippy with glassy ice

The winter wind was whipping around the corners

Some brave souls were walking on the beach. After the services we slipped and slid our way back to the car park. As we drove back along the A64 towards York the car thermometer showed it was -6 degrees. It was so good to get back to a cosy warm home.


  1. I'm sure you were cold but your pictures of the sea and harbour are delightful, Rosie. I especially like the one with the view of the lighthouse. I have always been intrigued with lighthouses and their history. They have amazing stories to tell.

    I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year.
    'These wishes come preheated' Enjoy:)

  2. Scarborough looks beautiful, quite different to its summer self. You were brave to drive in those conditions!

  3. Very sad cicumstances for your trip but some lovely things to look at on route. I am glad that you arrived there and back safely.x

  4. You were very brave to drive all that way in the current conditions. Hope you managed Fish and Chips! Have a great Christmas Rosie - can't wait to see what you get up to next year. xxxxx

  5. Oooh. These photographs look like the very definition of cold!! Brrr, is right!

  6. Oh now I am homesick Rosie! I love that part of the Yorkshire coast around Scarborough/Whitby/Robin Hood's Bay.

    We had -18C this morning! I know what you mean about the cold at the coast though ~ it seems to go right through you!

    Stay cosy and warm at home and have a very Happy Christmas.

    Marie x

  7. Hi Rosie, glad to hear that you are back home safe and sound. I just wanted to wish you and your family a wonferful Christmas and a very happy time all together! xxx