Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Boxing Day Walk

Once I'd done the last little bit of shopping early on Christmas Eve morning, collected my books from the library and popped to the local pet shop to make sure I had enough wild bird food it was home to make mince pies whilst listening to Carols from Kings and to await the worker who arrived home about 4p.m. - now Christmas could begin.

We didn't move from the house until Boxing Day when we decided we must have a walk after the lazy day we had spent on Christmas Day, just eating, watching television and reading.

We went for a walk around the Oak wood at Trentham. The ground was very hard and cold, deep furrows were filled with glassy ice. We were following in the footsteps of many others. Including rabbit and deer.

The walk was both refreshing and invigorating; it was good to get out into the cold, wintry air for a while - but it was also nice to go back to a warm house filled with all the edible goodies we received as presents. Thank you everyone! Although now I'm going to have to take even more walks to make up for eating and drinking them!


  1. least you had to eat because you had a lovely walk!..I had to eat because I needed more energy to clean and tidy up! ;-)

  2. It sounds like the perfect day!

  3. It is nice to get wrapped up and go out over the Christmas holiday.

  4. I love long walks and cold and frosty days. I still havent got around to my walk yet...maybe today I'll have more time. I love the snowy photos.
    Susie X

  5. Hi Rosie, your walk looks great. We too managed a great walk on Boxing Day, but were thwarted with our walk yesterday through Sheffield Parks because it was too icy - like walking on the worlds most enormous ice rink!!xxxx

  6. I love these snow pics! Here in Calif. Christmas day itself was very nice - close to the 70ties -and the sun was shining, so I painted outside!

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