Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sculptures in the Woods

Last Sunday we headed off to Cannock Chase to walk in the woods. We found this intriguing trail and followed it for part of our walk and then found the end of it on our way back.

It was a community arts project called The Route to Health. I photographed most of the displays and sculptures along the way and have chosen some of the best ones to share with you.

The one above is 'Earth Mother'

I guess we were representing the tortoise and the people flying past us on cycles from the hire shop or jogging past as part of the orienteering event that was happening that day were representing the hare. We were slower but got there in the end.

Walking the dog - there were lots of people doing that, too.

Exercise - good for the heart and mind - keeps you fit and happy.

Keeping happy makes you smile and here is what you use for a healthy smile!

Laugh, dance, listen to music - all healthy pursuits.

We strayed off The Route to Health into the woods.

This was a very busy side of the Chase and the first time we had walked here; there was also a 'Go Ape' type of activity with wires extending out above the paths so you had to dodge people dangling above you as they slid, screaming down the wires as well as trying to keep out of the way of the cyclists and joggers. It was all well organised but not the place for a quiet stroll. The side of the Chase where we normally park is far more tranquil - even so it was great to see so many people out and about and being active. The route to health indeed!


  1. What a lovely scenery! Hope your gardening has been completed ;-)

  2. I love the tortoise and the hare sculptures! Very unexpected finds in the woods!

  3. We once lived on the edge of the chase but have not visited again for years. I don't recall seeing any sculptures but they do look good in that setting.

    When we first got married, 1976, we moved to a house in Cannock on the far edge of the chase, it suffered terribly from fire damage that year. When our first son was born some years later we planted a tree on the chase to help with the renewal of the forest. I wonder how big that tree has grown in 28 years?

  4. Michela - thanks, glad you enjoyd looking at the sculptures - still loads of gardening to do, I'm afraid:)

    Simone - the tortoise and hare was very interesting and well done - my favourite too:)

    Valerie, that's a great story - the summer of 1976 was very hot and dry wasn't it? No wonder there was a fire. In the Visitor Centre at the other side of the Chase there is an embroidery depicting the fire. The sulptures were put in place a couple of years ago, I think. I too wonder how big your special tree is now:)

  5. these are spectacular! Edward would be barking all the way up the trail!

  6. This walk must be great when you are doing it for the first time. You never know what is around the next corner, and makes for a very interesting walk. I'd certainly love some of those sculptures in my garden, albeit on a smaller scale! You've some great things to do in your area Rosie. x