Saturday, October 17, 2009

All Sorts

The Tulip Tree at the top of the garden is looking quite spectacular at the moment as it has changed its colour from bright green to bright gold.

There are some interesting leaves in the garden - all sorts of attractive colours.

These two visitors pop by every evening to collect and eat any seeds the birds have dropped from the bird feeders - sorry it's not a great picture as I was trying to be quiet and they weren't very still.

Today we spent the morning wandering around Bridgemere and Dagfields looking for a birthday present. We were successful but as the recipient will probably read this post - I'll say no more.

I saw this lovely display in one of the units at Dagfields; we spent ages wandering around the antiques and bric-a-brac stalls and also the second hand bookshop which had some amazing books.

Since my last post all those charity bags have popped through our post box; as I only had a few items to give I had to chose just one of them. I always chose the ones belonging to a registered charity but even then when I put anything out I wonder if they actually get to the proper collector as I know that some people take them when they shouldn't. All in all it is probably better to take the bag to the relevant charity shop as then you know that at least your items reached their destination.

Last but not least a photo taken on our walk last week - I loved the fact that the cattle were almost the same colour as the autumnal trees in the background - yes that is a bull in the middle but there was a sturdy fence between us and it.


  1. Rosie, you won't believe but our Dahlias have blossom again thanks to the heavy rain of last Saturday!
    I love the colours of your garden, it looks so pretty and tidy!
    Here we don't receive those charity bags, we have bins on the main roads where you can throw in old clothes and shoes (managed by the Church).
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I was never sure if the items ended up in a charity shop so I always take them to the shops myself to be sure. The garden looks full of colour especially the tulip tree.

  3. The Tulip tree is beautiful...and what a lovely visit..squirrels..we had a pair visiting our garden last spring but we haven't seen them for a while now..I am going to spend some time in the garden tomorrow..the raking of the leaves has started!! Our Dahlias are also still in bloom..dispite the frost!
    Happy Sunday.

  4. We have several tulip trees in the neighborhood that we pass on our walks. They are always the first to bloom in springtime. Lovely trees. And I do love the cows.

  5. Hi there..the colours of autumn are gorgeous!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog when I was ill...very much appreciated!
    Love,Sal ;-)

  6. Someone in a white van took some bags that I put out once - I know he wasnt the real collector as he turned up a few minutes after!! Since then, I take them to the nearest shop. Your garden looks great - Your visitors seem to approve of it too.

  7. Very autumny! I took loads of stuff to the charity shop in the summer but there is still lots to get rid of in our garage!
    Love your leaf collection.

  8. You do have beautiful views around your yard Rosie and I see the little critters are well feed. The colors of the leaves are so lovely it will be sad to see them go.
    But then comes the beauty of winter and a new adventure with nature...

    Have a nice day, Rosie :)