Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lots to Do

Last week was a fairly busy week. As well as my trip to Leicester on Thursday there was plenty to do at home. Things like taking advantage of the dry weather to mow the lawns for what is probably the last time this season. I managed to get this done on Monday morning and on Monday afternoon I reduced all the shrub and tree clippings in size so they could be put in the garden wheelie bin, we've been waiting for it to be emptied again, I think we could do with a weekly collection at this time of year.

The biggest job in the garden this week has been sorting out the pond. It had got very overgrown during the summer with both flag iris and water lillies taking over; these plants were taking a lot of water from the pond and this plus dry weather over the last week or so had led to the levels in the pond going down.

On Saturday morning we decided to tackle the problem. Water was added to the pond and then all the plants were lifted out, the mud cleared out from the bottom and held in a tray and sifted for wildlife. Plants were reduced in size and quantity and then replaced. We now have a happy pond.

The last of the tomatoes and cucumbers were collected from the greenhouse during the week so on Saturday afternoon I made some Green Tomato Chutney.

Later today I'm going to make some Cucumber Pickle; both recipes from the little book pictured below.

I've also been planting up bulbs for the winter months; pink Hyacinth and Paper White Narcissus which apparently have a wonderful scent. They are now stored in the back of the garage in the cool and dark as per the instructions - I hope they will produce some lovely scents and colour for the dull days of January.

Last but not least I've been knitting wool squares for the project I found on Teresa's blog. I've been using up scraps of wool and I've been knitting them whilst watching TV - things like 'Waking the Dead', 'Spiral.' Nigel Slater's 'Simple Suppers', 'Autum Watch', ' Land Girls' and Sunday evening's new adaptation of Jane Austen's 'Emma'.


  1. Aren't you tired?! You did really a hard job! Your pond looks great! Water lilies always grow over, they are so gorgeus but really pesky!

  2. You have been busy! I always find it really satisfying to get the garden tidied up ready for winter even though its hard work! I cant believe how much shrubs have grown this year. It must have been all the rain we had in the summer!

  3. You are so organised Rosie! I bet your pond was glad of a clear out! I think I have left it too late for mowing the grass one more time this year. It has been so wet here it never stays dry enough to be cut. I could really do with a dry spell to tidy up the garden. I am intrigued to know what your little knitted squares are for.

  4. Simone - it's the Knit-a-Square project - here is the link direct to the site http://www.knit-a-square.com/knitting-instructions.html - there is also a link in the post for Teresa's blog (Blueberries,Art and Life) to her post about the project:)

    Hi Michela - yes, this week I'm being very lazy:)

    Susie - some of our shrubs have just gone crazy this year - we are having to do lots of cutting back:)

  5. Well after reading all that you have been up to lately, I feel completely exhausted, Rosie
    I love your wonderful pond, it is a lot of work but it must give you both a lot of enjoyment...
    Thanks for the journey, I have to go and rest up for the next one.

  6. Gosh, I bet you had to have a nice sit down and a cuppa after all that!! I'm loving the Nigel Slater suppers, but I didnt like the Emma adaptation. I thought that the costumes and locations were wonderful, but I didnt like what they had done with the story, and the acting was a bit weak (in my opinion)!!!

  7. Pam, have a good rest I'm taking you to see some sculptures next:)

    Diane, I've enjoyed other adaptations of Emma more - agree about the costumes and locations - I'm struggling with Jonny Lee Miller as Mr Knightly - he's too young - love Michael Gambon though as Mr Woodhouse and expect more from Tamsin Greig later on:)

  8. white narcissus sounds like you will have a beautiful garden...and knitting...Rosie, you have many talents!
    Your pond looks much better now you've taken out the plants!

  9. Gosh, Rosie, what a busy little bee you've been! You are quite the cook and gardener, aren't you? :-)

    Lovely colors in your squares.... thank you for doing that... so sweet of you. I've just finished a blue square and am now working on a green square.

  10. Oh, and, thank you so much for the "mention" and link!