Thursday, July 02, 2009

Lazy Yellow Days

The garden is going through it's second 'yellow' phase at the moment mainly due to the Hypericum plants we have dotted around.

This one is hypericum androsaemum or Orange Flair - it just appeared in the garden quite a few years ago now and it took ages to find out what it was until a visitor said that it might be St John's Wort and we were able to identify it from this comment. We moved it earlier this year and it has done well but we must have left part of the plant behind in its original place as we now have two of them.

This one is hypericum calycinum or Rose of Sharon - we have two quite large bushes of this at either side of the garden both inherited when we moved here.

This is another plant that appeared one year it's Yellow Loosestrife and can be an absolute pain because it spreads very quickly and you have to be quite ruthless in pulling it up - but still it survives - I leave this clump here because it is quite pretty.

The courgettes are coming at last - we had a glut of them last year but this year they seem to be struggling. We have had a couple of cauliflowers, which is a bonus, as they too looked as if they weren't doing very well - I love cauliflower cheese and we make a huge one as a main meal with pasta, tomatoes and sometimes sliced mushrooms in it too - a sort of cauliflower/macaroni cheese with added extras. It is very tasty.

There are loads of plums on the plum tree and the blackcurrants are ripening too - as are the gooseberries - in fact I made another crumble last night.

This is Caspar - he isn't our cat but visits us often - yesterday he got in through an open window and ate Max and Chloe's food - he is a gorgeous cat though and I couldn't resist taking this photo of him.


  1. Hello Rosie!
    I love your lavender plant (near Caspar!)
    I have a recipe for courgette flowers, if you are interested, please visit me!
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. My garden is doing pink and white at the moment, I have hypericum patulum henryii but it is still in bud at the moment, it flowers along with the white phlox usually. Caspar is a really handsome cat, what beautiful markings he has. Caulflower cheese is one of my favourites too especially with sausages.

  3. Hi Rosie, your garden is delightful and the cauliflower cheese sounds yummy.
    So you had a cute little window visitor, did you. He dose have beautiful markings.
    Be well, be happy... Pam

  4. I love all the yellows. My garden is quite pink and purpley at the moment due to the bedding plants, tayberries and blueberries! Casper is a fine looking fellow. Our neighbour's cat Minky keeps on sneaking in the house and stealing Gizmo's food and actually has the cheek to sit at the window and miaow to be let in!

  5. Beautiful garden.
    Big hugs, Bethxx

  6. Love your yellow theme!
    It looks as if you will have plenty of fruit this year! I adore gooseberry crumble! ;-)

  7. The color of summer indeed...Great picture of Caspar,he looks a bit ghostly.A sweet one that is... He would do wonderful in a our secret garden..
    Well... all of the reading about the lovely things from your garden made me hungry! Plums, blackberries,gooseberries,cauliflower marvelous:)

  8. Chartreuse is my new favourite garden colour! It is so surprising....and a bit magical in a summer flower bed. Do show the courgettes when they're ready. They are always so beautiful.

    I love that cat!! Such a Disney cat!

  9. Vey Mellow Yellow. My courgettes are coming on a pace now. I'm not relly a cat lady, but your visitor looks really lovely. Gorgeous markings. I absolutely adore Cauliflower cheese (I do mine with bacon, mushrooms and onions). No wonder I cant loose any weight!!