Saturday, July 04, 2009

Food from the Garden

Beans, Beetroot, Cauliflower, courgettes, cucumber, gooseberries, mint, onion and strawberries plus natsurtium flowers from the edible contents of the hanging basket

There are some still left for us after we got rid of loads of caterpillars - this hanging basket was full of them - the other, which has exactly the same contents, had none!


  1. How lovely to grow all that lovely produce. You must have very green fingers!

  2. Really nice produce from your garden. Large white and small white butterflies usually lay their eggs on nasturtium. If left the caterpillars will make a meal out of the foliage and flowers. They did mine last year! x

  3. Thanks simone, don't know about green fingers more a constant battle to produce anything - when I remember my Dad's rows of wonderful produce down the side garden of my childhood home I realise we aren't in the same league:)

    thanks, louise - there were loads of caterpillars under the outer leaves and they had made a good start on the plants if we hadn't noticed them whilst looking to see if we had any flowers coming we would have woken up one morning to an empty basket:)