Saturday, May 30, 2009

Seasonal Pleasures

Strawberries, lettuce from the greenhouse, asparagus and Jersey Royal potatoes - just a few of the delicious delights in season now; so what will we be eating this evening? Asparagus quiche with new potatoes and salad followed by strawberries with a dollop of Yeo Valley fat free strawberry yoghurt.

Mushroom and Asparagus Flan from a recipe in 'Vegetarian Meals' my other cook book by Rosamond Richardson.

In the garden, of course.


  1. Sounds lovely - I have just bought Seasonal Pleasures this very week, it's a lovely book. There's nothing like really new new potatoes and sweet, juicy English strawberries - except maybe lovely,ripe English cherries!

  2. I love eating seasonal food. The English strawberries in the shops just now have been gorgeous - just as I remember them as a child. Your garden looks like the perfect place to sit and eat them.

  3. I enjoy the photos of your table setting, Rosie. Your descriptions always make my mouth water :) Your a delightful storyteller!

  4. Jersey Royals are a favourite of mine, and quiche! x

  5. I so can picture you in that chair with that hat on!! I love seasonal food. We once camped in Rozel in Jersey next to a farm that sold Jersey Royals at the gate. And last week we bought Asparagus from a farmer that was selling goods at the side of the road in Cornwall. Made for an interesting smell from the wee wee bucket in the tent at night!!! but totally delicious. Becky said she thought it had been gebetically modified to taste of butter already so you didnt need to add any - and his strawberries didnt need sugar or cream either.

  6. It looks and sounds just 'perfick' Rosie x

  7. Rowan, it is a lovely book - I was licky to have mine given as a gift a few years ago and use it quite often - cherries - Mmm.

    simone - the strawberries were from Kent but soon we will have Staffordshire ones:)

    Pam, thanks:)

    louise, Jersey royals are the best aren't they?

    diane, your famer's seasonal food sounds gorgeous - I never put sugar on strawberries but have to put a little bit on gooseberries or rhubarb:)

    thanks, Rosie - 'perfick' is very apt for the Kentish strawberries:)

  8. Ooooh Rosie, I love the sound of mushroom and asparagus flan and yours looks totally scrumptious!
    We just had a goats cheese and spinach flan(shop bought, but rather nice) with salad.