Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Scenes from a Wet Garden

It's been well over a week since we've been able to do anything in the garden. The lawns need cutting but they are squelching under foot. The laurel hedge at the front needs trimming but it is too wet. The areas around the raised beds are full of puddles and the pond is ready to overflow. I love rain but not this much. In an ideal world we would have two days of rain out of seven or soft rain through the night and dry days, but of course, we don't, so whilst I wait to get on with some gardening here are some photos of our rain drenched garden.

Yes, that is a cat's tail you can see - they always move just as you click the shutter!

I love to see the raindrops on the Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla Mollis).

The pond water is very close to the top. Happy frogs and newts!

Hmm! If you don't turn off this rain I'm going to get very wet and muddy and come in and dry myself on your lap.

The Solomon's Seal is sheltered by next door's leylandii tree.

The peony looks gorgeous regardless of the weather.

And so does Madam Chloe!

The three water butts we installed after one very hot, dry summer haven't been needed for the last couple of years. How I hope we need to use them this coming summer.

We do have a badger in the neighbourhood; as you know from a previous post one of my neighbours thought she saw it earlier this year and we had frog spawn taken out of the pond and more recently huge holes have been dug in our raised beds - far too large for a cat. Two nights ago another neighbour was woken by her fence rattling and banging and thought an intruder was coming over into her garden but when she looked out of the window she saw quite a large badger coming through the fence and running up her lawn towards our garden. I long to see it myself so I think we are going to have to organise a badger watch over the weekend. Last but not least, I've finally cracked how to put photos on here that you can enlarge by clicking on them - takes a long time for the penny to drop sometimes!


  1. A similar story here Rosie, this rain would get you down. My neighbour has badgers and they are very destructive but part of me feels quite envious!

  2. Hi Rosie

    A delightful posting.

    I am told that scattering a few peanuts will prevent the badgers from digging up your lawn for earthworms, as they prefer the nuts and it is easier for them to acquire.

    I too hope for warmer and drier weather.

  3. Hi Rosie,
    What a lovely post! Enjoyed touring your garden and seeing all of your beautiful plants. We've had lots of rain here too.. grass is spongy and squishy. Do keep us posted on the badger exploits!

  4. Such a lovely garden!! Those peonies are amazing. Do you bring them inside occasionally??

    We have had much more than our fair share of rain this Spring as well. But no complaints, as we have been in such a dreadful drought for the past several years. Everything here is delightfully green and blooming. Just like a storybook! But we'd love to see a badger!! Especially Edward!

  5. Yay!!, I always thought it was a shame when I couldnt enlarge your photos, you have some of the most beautiful photos of the blogs I go on. I was going to say something several times, but thought that you probably wanted it that way.
    I will enjoy your photos all the more now.
    Lovely garden, even if a little drenched.

  6. rain - we always have a shortage of that in California! So, I love the wet look :). And I love your pond!!
    Badgers can be anoying - hope you'll get rid of them!

  7. I think that your garden looks lovely Rosie. The rain has certainly made it all look green and healthy and the sun will return soon...

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Marie x

  8. How much more rain can there possibly be?? Can you believe I am living in a tent next week!!!! I enjoyed a nosey around your beautiful garden. I hope you get to see the Badgers. I need some Peonies for next year - they look stunning. xx

  9. I hope you manage to have a badger watch this weekend! Your garden looks gorgeous even when it's wet! Have a lovely weekend.x

  10. valerie - badgers and gardens just don't get on but they are beautiful creatures aren't they?

    professor Yaffle - good tip re the peanuts thanks will try that but expect the squirrels will get them first- hope the BH weekend will be warmer for all of us:)

    Teresa, thankyou - will certainly report back if I do see a the badger:)

    Pamela - I bet Edward would love to see the badger but maybe badger would be wary of Edward:)

    Lois - how lovely to see you here again:) Hope to take some good photos of buildings for you over the next few week:)

    jeannette - there is something specila about the light rain just drenching the flowers - I think we only have one badger - I hope so anyway - a family of them would be too destructive:)

    marie - thanks - hope you have a good weekend too:)

    Diane - peonies are gorgeous aren't they? Hope the camping goes well and that it stays dry for you:)

    simone, thank you - hope you have a lovely BH weekend:)