Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Cats and Sneaky Snails

For most of this week it seems to have been a constant battle with the wind. I keep having to rescue plant pots and plastic chairs from strange places.

It is another constant battle trying to keep these sneaky snails -

away from the lupins and sweet peas. I keep finding them tucked up under the rims of the plant pots where they think I can't find them!

There are plenty of on going projects in and around the garden - a work in progress you might say.

At least the cats are happy with their lot! The wind though, makes them very skittish

as they roll around and then dash, hither and thither, disappearing under bushes, behind the shed and up the trees!


  1. Hubby and I "snail hunt" on an evening when its dark, with a torch. He gets a bit over enthusiastic, and its a bit like he's hunting deer or something!!! His language tends to get a bit foul too!! We end up with a small bagful each night, and we only have a small garden.

  2. Yes. The snails do seem to be showing up all over the place at the moment. I can imagine your cats running all round the garden and up a tree! Gizmo has been acting very strange with this windy weather. He darts about like he has the wind up his tail!

  3. Much as I loathe using them, I have to resort to a very light sprinkling of slug pellets around vulnerable plants at this time of year. x

  4. I really love the wind. If I were a dog, I'd be the kind who sticks her head out the open window of a car. My favourite sort of day is a windy one. I love to open all the windows in the house and let it race through.

    Happy Weekend to you!!

  5. I know only too well how how sneaky snails can be.
    I don't know if you saw my May Day post, where I mentioned how they had brought "Yaffle Towers" to its knees, by taking up residence in a shed light switch, causing it to short. No electricity for five hours till "sparks" exposed the culprits.
    Have you considered approaching your local authority for a Non Moluscation Order lol!
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  6. I have had some success recently, keeping snails away by placing potted plants in containers in tall wire stands. I don't think they care for the feel of the wire.

  7. Diane - Lol at your torch lit 'snail hunts' - we've been know to find a bucket full before now!:)

    Simone - I think cats are affected more by the wind than dogs - like Gizmo ours do some very silly and funny things in the wind:)

    louise - slugs euk - I can cope with snails but hate slugs, we have to hunt them out though as there are so many cats come through our garden we daren't use pellets - wonder if those traps you can fill with beer work?

    Pamela - the wind can be very exhilarating when out walking in it in a warm coat and hat to protect you - I just get anxious sometimes at the damage it can cause:)

    Professor Yaffle - I like the sound of the non-molluscation order - I've popped to read your tale about the snails in your shed and left you a message:)

    valerie - what a good idea - we are creating a shingle area to place the pots in but your wire stand sound great:)

  8. I know what you mean, it has been very windy here today. Know what you mean with regard the wiley snails too.
    I do love to watch the antics of cats. Sadly our little white one is deaf and has to stay indoors to avoid the dangers.
    Although we take her out for a little supervised walk most days.
    Our big one Marley loves the oudoors, at this time of year he is hardly ever in.
    Your snail photo's are lovely, the sanils are amazing and your cats are adorable =^.^=

  9. p.s.
    You have a book listed 'a child in the forset' in you sidebar. Many years ago, I read and very much enjoyed a book about a child who was brought up in the forest of Dean, I couldn't remember it's title, could this be the one? if so I'll look it up because I'd love to read it again.

  10. Hi Sumea, yes the book is the one you read 'A Child in the Forest' by Winifred Foley, all about her childhood in the Forest of Dean area of Gloucestershire.

  11. Hello Rosie
    Many thanks for your lovely, kind comments x
    I am so glad about the book, I will have a look and see if I can get a copy on Amazon.
    I might try some of the other titles on your list sometime too.
    Hope you have a lovely day, not as windy here today as it was yesterday.

  12. Hi Rosie, thanks for your concern, just a bit of diabetes depression, sometimes it gets me sometimes it doesn't. The gardening helped. Fortunately my lupins are ok at the moment, but thats probably as I have liberally sprinkled slug and snail stuff around them. I don't mind the snails I can at least pick them up, its just the unhoused ones that get me. Do you ever remember reading the post when I described how I found a six inch slug round the top of my kettle.... No mercy for slugs! LOL
    Rosie x

  13. Snails are an ongoing problem in my garden, I must have collected up hundreds over the years but still they come! The wind - what can I say? The wind and I are not very good friends I fear.

  14. Ugh! I must admit that I don't like snails. They certainly are sneaky though when it comes to hiding in the garden. Good luck with tracking them down.


  15. I always love your posts:)))..The wind is playing around in our garden as well...hither and I love the english language!!

  16. They say ducks like to eat snails.

    I am thinkin' of getting one or two myself cuz I the snails seem to populate atrociously! lol!

    and the cats... I will have to see if I can get a pic of our backyard, because we are the cat hang out for our 2 cats and the neighbors cats. its really funny, but so much fun to see them all play together.

  17. rosie, glad to see you back - so sorry to hear about you feeling down - gardening does help to lift the spirits - I must find and read you slug on the kettle post:)

    Rowan - I dislike wind too, I think of all weathers I am most fearful of it knowing what damage it can do.

    marie - no matter how many snails we send on their holidays (over the hedge into the school's nature reserve) there are more to replace them:)

    thankyou, dear Dutchess - I love it too - 'Wither thou goest? Hither and thither:)

    christine, I'd love ducks in the garden to eat the snails but the cats wouldn't tolerate them I expect and they do leave lots of slippery presents around:)