Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It's Lilac Time!

All of a sudden the lilac seems to be out; is it a little earlier this year, I wonder? I love lilac, both the lilac and the white varieties, as it reminds me of my childhood. We used to have a huge lilac tree in our front garden when I was a child and I loved its colour and fragrance. The flowers though, don't seem to last for very long but oh how gorgeous they are for a few magic days. We don't have a tree in our garden, the one in the photo above was taken at the Dorothy Clive garden last year. The one below I spotted in the gardens at Bridgemere Garden World on Sunday. There were many others but the sun was always too bright to take any decent photographs.

I took one or two other photos around the gardens as well - I though this hand sculpture was interesting.

This was called the Red Avenue, again the sun is at the wrong angle but the colours were stunning.

There was also a Vintage Vehicle display. I'm not an avid car lover, but I did like this one,

very Inspector Maigret I thought whereas the one below is probably more Miss Marple.

I have another childhood memory involving lilac - it is of my mother singing this song:-
We'll gather lilacs in the spring again,
And walk together down an endless lane,
Until our hearts have learned to sing again,
When you come home once more.
And in the evening by the firelight glow,
You'll hold me close and never let me go,
Your eyes will tell me all I want to know,
When you come home once more.
It's from the show 'Perchance to Dream' written by Ivor Novello in 1945, the words always bring a lump to my throat and a prickle to my eyes because some of them didn't come home, and for those that did life was never quite the same again.


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  2. I too love lilacs though I've never had a lilac in my garden. I enjoy other peoples though:) The scent is wonderful and so are the colours. I know the Ivor Novello song well and have always liked it, he wrote some lovely music.

  3. Beautiful Lilac and sentimental song.x

  4. I always had lilacs when we lived in the north, I miss there lovely aroma. I love the song and sentiment too, Rosie. Wonderful post... be well, be happy!

  5. I don't have a Lilac but I am going to get one. We used to have one as did the neighbours at our last place.
    This week I have done a lot of travelling locally and have been impressed by the beautiful displays that these trees are making.
    I went to see my mother yesterday and sadly her Lilac tree is dead as the proverbially Dodo, so it looks like I will have to get at least two.
    Until recently I used to drive around in my maroon
    Woody, my favourite vintage car. I never thought of myself as a Miss Marple character though. lol!

  6. I am slightly amused because ..I do have a Lilac in the garden and seeing as I am married to the above 'professor' that's why I am amused!!
    I will send him outside to look for it..he might be some time!

  7. I would kill for that Morris Traveller. I would throw a picnic basket, rug, kids and hubby in the bck and trundle off at a leisurely pace!! My parents used to have a massive lilac tree in her front garden when I was little, but dad chopped it down because all the streets litter used to get caught at the bottom of it. Shame, because it is a lovely tree. I think the song is beautiful, but very sad.

  8. Ooh, to smell those delicious lilacs! What a treat that must have been! And I love your Miss Marple car. How I would like driving up to a client's house in that!! Best to keep them on their toes!

    The Ivor Novello song reminded me of Gosford Park. One of my favourite movies!

  9. Hello Rosie
    I love lilacs with their gorgeous smell. I love Morris cars too, my family had a Morris traveler when I was little that used to take us on camping trips.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Isn't it amazing about the peonies, there are other peonies in full bloom near here too. I expect ours are planning to give us an extra special show.


  11. So happy that 'The Dutchess' pointed me over here.

    I too love Lilacs. And remember them, from my childhood.

    Sad thing is, neither I nor my husband can be around them. Due to allergic reactions. -sighhhhhhhh-

    Enjoy them, for me, please.

    Aunt Amelia
    Aunt Amelia's Attic-
    Dear you,

  12. We have lilac in our garden and I remember lilac trees in the family garden as a child. x

  13. Ok, scrolling down the page of pictures just to see this hand reaching out of the dirt just about made me spit out my coffee. lol Love the photos though...

  14. I also have happy memories of We'll Gather Lilacs: when I was about 14yrs old, we all, my parents and sister and brothers, went to Peterborough on a rainy day, and my father saw that this film was showing, so we went into the cinema, and the film was lovely, and to us, almost magical.Then I played the piano for a Good Old Days show, and this song was chosen. My friend Wendy, who loves being on stage, dressed in a lovely dress, and flower covered hat, sang We'll gather Lilacs, with her partner George, who had practised with me, for weeks, to get his verses right: on the night, Wendy was so excited, she sang George's verse first!!! his face was a picture! But it is a lovely song to remember.
    Pauline. Whaplode Drove Lincs.

  15. Thanks everyone for your kind comments:)

    sal, lol at Professor Yaffle - did he find the tree:)?

    pauline - glad to see you adding a comment - glad you had a super time around the Kilvert churches:) What a great memory of We'll gather Lilacs - lol at your friend Wendy:) See you soon, I hope:)