Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fifty things

I found this on Mibsy's blog and thought I would give it a try. The idea is to list 50 things that make you happy. I haven't listed them in any particular order of most happy to least or anything like that, I've just kept popping back to the list as I've thought of things:-

1. being safe at home with loved ones on a dark winter's evening especially Christmas Eve
2. early mornings in summer
3. misty autumn mornings
4. sitting around a table with good friends,food and conversation.
5. sitting in candle light
6. letters in the post
7. visiting old houses, abbeys and ruins
8. visiting art galleries and museums
9. wandering around gardens
10. walking by the sea
11. walking in Derbyshire
12. Being in Bath or York
13. or Lyme Regis
14. or St Ives
15. or Southwold
16. or Staithes
17. or Shrewsbury
18. Paris
19. Sienna
20. Bookshops
21. eating fresh apricots, raspberries or gooseberries
22. morning coffee
23. almond croissants, pain chocolat and Breton Far
24. peas straight from the pod
25. home baked bread
26. the smell of warm cat fur
27. the scent of lavender warmed in the sun
28. rural France
29. the salt smell of the sea
30. the smell of fish and chips on the sea front
31. cool crisp cotton sheets
32. long cotton skirts
33. corduroy or velvet jackets
34. smooth polished wood
35. cats all, but mine in particular
36. watching the sun set
37. turning crisp new book pages
38. sitting on a beach watching the tide come in.
39. curling up on the sofa or bed with a good book
40. sitting in a theatre waiting for a Shakespeare play to begin
41. sitting in a church or cathedral listening to early music
42. the early morning sun
43. squirrels red or grey
44. trees in autumn
45. soft, white snow
46. warm summer evenings
47. walking home on moonlit nights
48. the call of the curlew
49. colourful beach huts
50. the scent of sweet peas


  1. Lovely post and a great list, think I would agree with you on a lot of those things.

  2. The nice thing about your list is that most of those things are for free!

  3. Wonderful! I could add all of these to my list (but I won't!)...well done!

  4. A lovely, thought provoking list and so many I would have had on mine.

  5. Hello Rosie, well all the things that make you happy are ones that make me feel all warm inside too - apart form one, that's the almond croissant as I'm allergic to nuts but if I could have one without them then that's a full house!

    What a lovely list to look back through on a day when life's a bit hard work and I'm sure it'll make you smile. I might write one myself inside my notebook to keep close at hand. Hope you have a smashing weekend. We're off to Leek Show and hoping the weather holds.

  6. What a wonderful idea and inspiring to read. I want to try it also!