Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Thank you

What a lovely gesture. The Dutchess has passed on this award to me. It is for 'talent and creative energy' - I only hope I can live up to that ideal. I am honoured to receive it. I have to nominate five others whom I think deserve the award so here goes:-
Valerie at Acorn Moon, Rowan at Circle of the Year, Mibsy at Classical Calling, Steph at Curlew Country, Rosie at Wuddled Murds. Hope you all enjoy the award as much as I enjoy reading your blogs. Links in my sidebar.

Once again, my dear Dutchess, thankyou - oh, and for the lovely flowers, too!


  1. Thank you for the award Rosie, I'll get DH to put it on my blog - don't know how to do it myself!

  2. I don't think I deserve it as I just ramble on about stuff but thanks Rosie for the award. :) x

  3. Hi Rosie,

    That is so sweet of you, and thank you for creating such a lovely interesting blog, a new "day out" with every visit!

  4. Oh my goodness, did I win an award? I am so behind in reading blogs this week, I got side-tracked learning how to create a slide show on my blog! Thank you so much Rosie! do I post the award on my blog?

  5. you are all very welcome :)

    mibsy - sorry, my fault just realised I should have let everyone know by leaving you all a comment - yes,only if you want to, of course and you can nominate up to 5 others for the award.